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04 Jun, 2008
One of the GREATEST TV shows ever!
I love everything about this show!Complete season are available on eBay at a very fair price,I think it's worth every penny!Great acting very smart writing....this show is GREAT ! They just can't make them like this anymore!
03 Nov, 2010
Slayer...Still Reigning ! HEAVY Sh*t !
I never had a chance to see Slayer what can I do? The next best thing is to buy a DVD.Reign in Blood,the whole album performed live....with some bonus tracks? What could be better? The audio and video is good enough,everything fitted on a single layer DVD.Hmmmm. The DVD has a welcomed bonus feature : "Slayer in their own words". The only weird thing is the camera work : I believe it was supposed to be rough "in your face" , heavy , to reflect Slayers all out performance.The result looks like somebody gave the camera to a monkey and let it swing it around! Weird. Still good fun. If You like Slayer buy this with confidence,I'm sure You will ENJOY it!
05 Sep, 2010
Very good HD picture and sound! But the show itself...
I purchased this BD because I like the classic Toto hits.The track list is not exactly to my liking. Their new songs are less than inspired! I don't recall any of these new albums ever producing a hit not even a minor hit. The audience's lack of response to these newer songs seems to prove my point!But,it's a matter of personal taste....I don't care much for theit new songs. David Paich the co/writer of Toto's greatest songs is not there, fact that doesn't help the show! After watching the show I was left with an empty feeling....something is not quite right,so I put in another Toto DVD " Greatest Hits Live...And More! " filmed at the same location as the new show on BD: "Le Zenith",Paris.The old show (1990) is muuuuuch better! The songs sound better to me,especially the vocals are much much better! The new concert is not a total letdown,but I was hoping for a little bit better.However the picture and sound is worthy of blu ray. Very good! If You like Toto,or even better,if You like their new material and find this BD at a fair price....I still think it's worth buying!
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