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Cyclo Bike Wheel Multi Size Spoke Nipple Key 3.23mm 3.30mm 3.45mm 13 14 15 Gauge
29 Aug, 2019
Strong and handy spoke key
Strongly made of chromed steel, very comfortable to use - the best spoke key that I've ever tried - highly recommended!
JJC LCP-X100S Screen Protector Film for Fujifilm X100S/X20/X10
27 Oct, 2017
JJC Screen Protector for Fuji X-Series - Excellent!
Excellent quality - very easy to apply and is very clear and so far feels very durable. Essential full-time protection for the 2.8" diagonal screen on X10, X20 and the early models of the X100. Also easy to remove (and re-fit) if you need to. Even better - you get 2 films in the pack! Very definitely recommended.
Photographer's Guide to the Fujifilm X10 by White, Alexander S. Book The Cheap
20 Oct, 2017
Almost the perfect guide for this grat little X10 camera... and the X20 too...
A much-needed and excellent book - all the information that you need for this fabulous camera from Fuji - vitally needed in the face of the rather useless Manual that comes in the box.. It can also be used for the X20 camera as well - the operating functions are very similar. If you've got an X10 or an X20, or are thinking about buying one - get this book, it's worth every penny! BUT - it is very obvious that this is written by a techno-fan! It will tell you in great detail everything that the camera can do - from the camera's point of view. It isn't written for someone who just wants to take photographs and who wants the options simply laid out from a photographer's point of view.... It's much more about "it will do this..." rather than "this is how you do it easily.." It will help you a lot, but you have to take the time to dig the information out! A little more advice on starting out simply and learning just the essential functions, and I would give it 5 stars, as it is I can only give it 4.