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Royal West Kent Bicycles is a small bicycle company based in west Kent, UK. We are dedicated to making any bicycle better. We build wheelsets, recondition bicycles and renovate old steel bicycles.
Location: United KingdomMember since: 12 Nov, 2010

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Business name: Royal West Kent BicyclesAddress: Atherfield, Five Oak Green Road, TN12 6TJ Tonbridge, United Kingdom
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L820B Module 0.8 0.8M 20T 20 Teeth Tooth Motor Pinion Gear Black 1/8 540 5mm RC
26 Mar, 2020
A great little gear with lots of uses.
I needed a reliable replacement for a plastic gear, which had cracked, in a Genius Motor Show 2 moving head light. The focus mechanism works on a rack and pinion basis but it was the pinion gear that had cracked. The rack is substantial enough, with a small enough range for a metal gear to be ideal without it wearing the rack too much. This little gear turned up; it is the right size and has the correct tooth pitch to be a replacement for the old gear. I was able to press it on to the stepper-motor shaft easily with a hobbyist's press. As with any properly fitting gear that fits onto a shaft, be careful to use an even pressure and take your time - it is going to be tight! Don't grease the shaft! If you do and you haven't got either component in alignment, then you are likely to damage one or other of them! I then put the assembly back into the lighting fixture, greased the two components with decent, high-temperature grease and reassembled the fixture's shell. It works fantastically! Remember to maintain the assembly on a regular basis and keep the contact surfaces greased.
Rhino 35mm Tripod Scrim Hanging Clamp for Speaker / Lighting Stand
28 Mar, 2019
A clamp that does the job and is inexpensive.
For the price, you can't get much better. This is a simple review for a, suitably, simple product. You put it on your stand, at the right height, tighten up the clamp and put the scrim's loop over the hook. put the foot pockets over the stand's feet. Raise or low the hanging clamp to get the right tensionin the scrim and that's it. It hard to get a product like this wrong. Ideally, a metal clamp would be better but it would cost a lot more. Price to function, this is spot on.
DT00891 lamp for HITACHI CP-A100, ED-A100, ED-A110, CP-A101
12 Apr, 2019
A good, solid replacement lamp for Hitachi Ultra-Short Throw projectors
I know that it is hard to get excited about a projector lamp and I won't be spouting poetry about it. This lamp is just a good solid replacement for when your projector needs a new one. As usual, make sure that the lamp is compatible with your projector, read the installation guide and try not to touch any of the glass parts of the lamp. If you do touch it, wipe the area with a good clean cloth, preferably with some isopropyl alcohol on it, to remove any grease: If you don't do this, then there is a good chance that you will leave a hot spot and strongly reduce the life-span of your lamp. Always check your projector lamp hours regularly - even though an old one will light, if it decides to give up, it might do so spectacularly and leave the inside of your projector covered in fine glass! Additionally, try not to drop a projector lamp; their internal pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure and they will send glass fragments everywhere!