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onemoremobile (19554)- Feedback left by buyer.
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Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
iril-29 (807)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Good buyer, prompt payment, value customer, highly recommended!
completefone (41806)- Feedback left by buyer.
Past year
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Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
startech_pcs_and_laptops (4219)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
caraquip (98883)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Great customer, fast payment! Thanks Josh
sa_1321 (772)- Feedback left by buyer.
More than a year ago
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Fast payment, great ebayer
Reviews (3)
Sennheiser Headphones HD 471i closed around-ear for iPhone iOS Mic and Remote
12 Feb, 2021
Excellent sound, prominent bass
Very good sound quality. The best I've heard in terms of the panning and spatialisation of sound. Bass is prominent and on first use I was convinced I'd have to send the headphones back. I subsequently realised it was because of the proximity effect; bass is louder and more overpowering when you place headphones closer to your ears. I proceeded to rest them on my ears and it was so much better afterwards! I could hear everything rather than muddy and distorted bass. They seem good build quality. I hope that remains the case after a few years. My last pair of AKGs broke after a year. Overall I'm happy and would recommend to anyone looking for good quality sound at a reasonable price 😊
Genuine Battery Replacement for Apple iPhone 5s 5c + tools from Megtech original
18 Dec, 2018
Very happy, long lasting battery. Far superior to its predecessor!
The pros are it's a new battery!! So much better than the old one. I left the old one overnight and it would drop to 1%! This stays fully charged! Slightly fiddly process to change, but all the tools are useful and make it fairly straightforward. I would highly recommend looking at both the instructions on this Ebay listing, and their youtube tutorial. Have them both open to flip between the two, as some of the details in one are missed on the other and vice versa! I would say a slight con is the quality of the plastic tools. Very pliable (bendy), and plastic shavings come off if you use to lift the screen out! But to be fair, I didn't apply enough pressure when I was using the suction cup thing to pull the screen off. I was over-cautious. Overall very happy with this purchase, definitely recommend to anyone in need of a revitalised battery life for their iPhone 5s!!! Or indeed any of the iPhone varieties that Megtech stock for.
Sony PlayStation 4 Net Yaroze 500GB Jet Black Console (DTL-H3001)
06 Feb, 2019
Good condition console at a cheap price!
Great console, really like the rest mode feature! Unfortunately, this console seems a little finnickity in this regard. The only way to successfully resume from rest mode is to not have the controller plugged in via usb while it goes into rest mode. Otherwise, it displays an error on resume, saying I've turned the console off incorrectly. It resets itself. Bit weird, but I've found a workaround so I'm happy! I'm playing Marvel Spider-man currently, looks amazing. Very happy with my purchase overall, £165 for a relatively good condition ps4 is a bargain!
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