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Location: United KingdomMember since: 01 Jun, 2004
Reviews (2)
3M 2228 25MM TAPE, SCOTCH MASTIC, 25MM X 3.03M
15 Sep, 2017
Pricey but worth every penny
Used this to silence my mountain bike. Really flexible, soft and looks like it will survive the UK weather
BLOC HORNET P100 Sunglasses Black/Polarised Lens
17 May, 2016
Comfy, great for sports, driving and casual wear.
I have quite a large head but these fit perfectly, not too tight to cause any discomfort and really well designed so they stay on my face - even when falling off my mountain bike (regularly). The lenses are fantastic - no distortion to vision and not too dark to cause problems when it clouds over occasionally. Like most people, I've owned lots of sunglasses over the years. I'd basically accepted the fact that my head must be a weird shape and simply not suited to sunglasses so I'm absolutely chuffed to have found these! At this price, I won't cry too much when I inevitably lose them, or sit on them. Pleasing product. Wish Bloc made hats...