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Genuine Cisco 30W Router Power Supply 34-0874-01 ADP-30RB
16 May, 2018
Ideal for converting to power XX Spectrum +3
I bought this to convert to run a zx Spectrum +3 and it’s ideal for the job, the enclosure is held together by two screws and everything inside is clearly labelled.
2x Toilet Seat Hinges Blind Hole Fixings Expanding Rubber Top Fix Nuts Screw 5HU
21 Feb, 2018
Fixed the problem
The seat on our toilet moved around dreadfully due to the bolts holding it in place being far narrower than the mounts in the porcelain. These expanded to fill the gap, making everything rock solid.
The Church Mice Take a Break, Oakley, Graham Paperback Book
07 Sep, 2016
Church mice at its best
If you've ever read a church mice book before you'll know what to expect, if not then this is an excellent place to start. This drily written and lovingly illustrated series follows the adventures of Sampson, the church cat, and the church mice whom he has sworn not to eat as they navigate their way through life with confidence and an utter disregard for the calamities they are causing. I loved them as a child and now love reading them to my own son at bedtime - highly recommended.