Live Aquarium Fishes

Live fish can happily live in freshwater, marine or pond environments. Your chosen variety of fish will require specific maintenance and a habitat that is suitably prepared.

Differences between freshwater and marine fish

  • Freshwater - freshwater and pond fish naturally live in streams, rivers and lakes that have a salt content of less than 0.05 percent
  • Marine - live in seas and oceans and depend on high salinity levels

How to choose live fish for your aquarium

Fish survive and thrive in different environments, due to their individual physiology. 

Freshwater fish would have a hard time surviving in marine (saltwater) conditions, and vice versa. Your fish-keeping experience is likely to help you determine whether you should keep freshwater or marine life.

Freshwater fish are easier to maintain because they can adapt to changes in the aquarium’swater. 

Marine fish are sensitive and require a certain level of salt in the water in order to stay alive.

To keep marine life you will need to closely monitor the aquarium water’s salt water levels to create the perfect habitat.

Different types of fish

  • Betta – Exotic Betta is a tropical fish with distinctive extended fins. The species is also known as the Siamese fighting fish
  • Cichlid – Cichlids come from a diverse family – there are more than 200 species - and make an excellent addition to an aquarium. The active species offers the widest range of colouration, body shapes and sizes
  • Discus – A genus of the Cichlids that are native to the Amazon river basin, the Discus fish has a distinctive shape and colouration. The popular freshwater fish is best kept in large groups of ten or more
  • Guppy – The low maintenance cost Guppy is one of the most widely distributed tropical fish, and makes a great addition to a freshwater aquarium
  • Pleco – Plecos come from the catfish family and are naturally nocturnal creatures. Although generally known for its ability to keep the aquarium algae free, the Pleco still requires algae and plant based foods to thrive.