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Miele vacuum cleaner parts to keep you up and running

A quality vacuum cleaner can continue to perform at its best for many years with the right maintenance and repair. Spare Miele vacuum cleaner parts are ideal for fixing any section of your machine that might not be performing at its best anymore. It's not unusual for parts to become damaged either through wear of daily use or if damaged when dropped, mistreated or stored incorrectly. 

There are also some parts that need replacing regularly, like Miele vacuum bags, and other parts like air filters that are tricky to keep completely clean after a while. And there's no need to compromise on the smart style of your vacuum cleaner as spare parts come in every colour, from black and white to grey and red. 

Miele filters

Integrated filters help to purify the air and filter out harmful particles. Charcoal and Hepa filters can reduce the amount of allergens in the air when vacuuming, expelling cleaner air than it sucks in. Due to the mesh shapes of some of the filter cages, they can become damaged over time due to the regular opening and closing of the filter cages to wash or replace the filters. Replacing Miele filters and their cages will ensure the freshest air is released from the vacuum, keeping your house even cleaner. 

Brush heads for every floor

Miele vacuum cleaners perform at their best when they have the right brush head for the type of floor being vacuumed. Hard floors often require a closer brush head so that the minimum amount of suction is lost, whereas for carpet and deep pile rugs a bristle head can be better to pick up crumbs and dust that could be trapped in the carpet fibres. For households with pets, a selection of crevice tools and a telescopic pole make it easier to get into all the tight spaces where dust and pet hair can accumulate. 

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