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Using the Payments tab in Seller Hub

As a managed payments seller, the Payments tab in Seller Hub helps you keep track of all the payouts you receive from your eBay transactions.

From the Payments tab - opens in new window or tab in Seller Hub, you can track the money you earn on eBay from the moment the buyer pays, to when you receive it in your bank account. In the Summary section, you'll find an overview of your payment information. For more detailed information, other sections include Payouts, All transactions, and Reports.

Information available in the Summary section

You'll find all of your financial information related to payments, including funds for items you've sold, fees, and refunds, in the Summary section.

Accounts receivable is how much you've earned from eBay sales – this is the amount that we'll send to your bank account. Accounts payable is the amount you owe eBay – this is due to be paid when you receive an invoice from us.

From the Summary section, you can:

  • Review your funds: See the overall status of your funds, including the amount in your last payout, and when your next payout is scheduled to be initiated
  • Review your fees and pay your monthly billing invoice: Check the fees you've been charged, and make a one-time payment if you still have a balance on your billing invoice
  • Change where or when you get paid: Update the bank account you receive payouts to, or switch between Daily or Weekly payouts
  • Change your automatic payment method: Update the payment method you use to pay your eBay billing invoice
  • Track your transactions: See the recent activity on your account, including information on sales, payouts, shipping labels, and more

If you need to update your bank details for your payouts, we'll need to verify your new account before you can continue to receive payouts. For more information, see our article on updating your bank details.

Information available in the Payouts section

The Payouts section provides you with an overview of all your payouts. You can see the total amount of each payout, when it was initiated, the account it was sent to, and how many transactions were included. You can also track the status of your payouts, and search for specific payouts by date, buyer username, order number, or unique payout ID.

You can select the payout ID to see a more detailed breakdown of each transaction in your payout. This includes the status, amount, and fees associated with each transaction, and a link to the order details.

Information available in the All transactions section

The All transactions section lists all of your transactions related to payments, including information on sales, refunds, claims, disputes, holds, postage labels, transfers, and payouts.

Here's an explanation of each type of transaction:

  • Sale: An order that's been paid for
  • Refund: A charge or credit for a returned item, offered or accepted by the seller
  • Claim: A charge or credit related to an eBay Money Back Guarantee (eMBG) claim
  • Payment dispute: A charge or credit related to a chargeback
  • Hold: Funds placed on hold due, for example, to a transaction dispute opened by the buyer, including returns, cancellations, eMBG claims, and chargebacks
  • Shipping label: A charge or credit related to postage label payment
  • Transfer: Funds transferring in or out from your invoice, credit or debit card
  • Payout: Payment from your available funds to your bank account

Transaction status

We apply a status to each transaction so you can easily keep track.

Here's an explanation of each transaction status:

  • Available funds: The amount you will be paid in your next payout. Generally, funds that appear Available are the total of all completed transactions, excluding applicable fees and any transactions on hold
    • Your Available funds may change if we process any additional orders or refunds before your next payout
    • Refund payments will appear as a new line item in your transaction report as a transfer, next to the corresponding order
  • Processing: An order has been paid by the buyer, but is awaiting settlement. If the funds are still processing, you don't need to do anything
  • On hold: The funds on an order are restricted, for example, the order has an open claim against it. You'll see a reason for the hold and an estimated release date, where possible
    • We'll also provide guidance on how to resolve any outstanding issues with a payment to help you get the funds released. You can find more information about why funds may be placed on hold in our Payments on hold article
  • Completed: An order has been settled
  • Open: Funds are in dispute, and will be taken from Available funds and added to On hold funds
  • Released: Funds that were on hold have now been released. These funds will now show in Available funds rather than On hold funds

You can filter your transactions by status, dates, or by searching for a specific order ID.

Information available in the Reports section

From the Reports section, you can download your transaction report, payout report, tax invoices, and financial statement. For more details on payments reports, see our article on Reconciling your eBay sales transactions.

Viewing your payouts in My eBay

If you're not using Seller Hub yet, you can still view your transactions, update your payout schedule, change where you get paid, and download your monthly financial statement from Payments in My eBay.

To benefit from the additional features, we encourage sellers to sign up for Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab.

You can view the details of your payouts, orders, and fees from the Payments tab in Seller Hub, or from Payments in My eBay.

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