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Your eBay profile page

Your eBay profile is a great place to share information about yourself and the items you sell. We’ll add basic info such as your username and recent feedback, but you can customise your profile with images and text to stand out from your competitors.

You can access your profile page on desktop by selecting your username at the top of most eBay pages. If you’re using the mobile app, select My eBay then tap your username. 

How to customise your profile

You can add custom content to your profile, including images and text, to give buyers a better idea of what your business is about.

To customise your profile page, you'll need to open it on desktop and then select Edit profile under your username. You can then make the following changes:

  • Cover photo – Select Add cover to upload a cover image. Select Click to reposition and then save to place it exactly where you want
  • Profile picture – Select the pencil icon in the corner of your profile picture to add or update your picture
  • Text description – Click within the text description box to add or update your text description

Once you’re happy with the updates, select Done editing to save your changes.

The following are not allowed in your personal profile:

  • Promoting the sale of items outside of eBay
  • Links to pages outside eBay
  • Contact information
  • Nude images, swear words or offensive materials
  • Gratuitous comments about other users or listings
  • Promoting services or items that are not allowed on eBay
  • Violations of our other listing policies

To learn more see our Profile policy

Tips for customising your profile

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your profile page:

Profile picture

  • Your profile picture is the most important asset on your profile page. It is displayed on both desktop and mobile versions of the site, whereas your cover photo and text description are only displayed on the desktop site
  • Your profile picture appears in a square frame on desktop and cropped within a circle on mobile, so choose something that will work well with both
  • If you're a business seller, consider using a professional brand logo for your profile picture
  • Recommended profile picture dimensions are 300 x 300 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch)

Cover photo

  • Cover photos work best when they clearly represent your business and the items you sell. For example, you could add an extension of your brand logo or the cover image from a recent product catalogue
  • If your cover photo features text or lots of small details, some elements may be obscured by the profile picture or description when the cover photo is displayed on the site. Choose a cover photo that works well as a background image without detracting from the rest of your profile page
  • Recommended cover photo dimensions are 1200 x 270 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch), and a maximum size of 4MB

Text description

  • Use your text description to let buyers know who you are, what makes your business unique and why your service levels stand out. Bear in mind that there’s a 250–character limit
  • Private sellers often use their description to tell buyers about themselves and their interests. If you're a business seller, you can add a short summary of your business and its unique selling points
  • If you choose not to add a custom text description, we’ll automatically display a few basic facts about your account, such as when you started selling on eBay, and your current feedback rating

How to share your profile 

Your profile page has a unique URL which you can share with others. You can also share the link by selecting the mail, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest icons on your profile page. 

Make sure to add your own cover photo, profile picture and text description to make your profile stand out.

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