Using eBay mobile apps

With our mobile applications, you can snag that hard-to-find item, check the status of your eBay activities, get alerts when you're outbid, and list items for sale. On-the-go shopping and selling is convenient and fun.

Getting the eBay Mobile apps

Our mobile apps are free, and downloading one should only take a few minutes. Downloading the app is often faster over Wi-Fi than on a cellular connection, so make sure your device is connected to a wireless network.

For iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:
  1. Tap the App Store icon.

  2. Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, and then search for 'eBay Mobile ' or 'eBay for iPad ' and install it.

  3. Tap eBay Mobile from the list of apps, tap Free, and then install the app.

For Android phone:
  1. Tap the Android Market icon on your smartphone.

  2. Search for 'Official eBay for Android App', and install it.

For Windows 8:

  1. Open the Windows store icon on your device.

  2. Search for eBay.

For Windows Phone:
  1. From Start, tap Marketplace.

  2. Tap Applications.

  3. Search for 'eBay for Windows Phone ', and install it.

For BlackBerry:
  1. Go to the BlackBerry App World on your phone.

  2. Search for 'eBay Mobile ', and install it.

Buying items from your mobile device

You can buy items on eBay straight from your mobile device simply by downloading one of our mobile apps. They're free and available for:

If you have a different phone, you can still access eBay using the web browser on your phone. To see the mobile version of our website, just enter in the browser's web address field.

On an iPhone, iPad or Android device, use the barcode scanner to compare in-store versus eBay prices for items that are in our catalogue. You can pay for items quickly and securely using PayPal. If the seller doesn't accept PayPal, you'll need to complete the purchase on using a computer.

Searching for items on eBay works just like it does on a computer. Enter the name or keywords of the item you're looking for and you'll get a list of items that match. The eBay app for Android also comes with voice-enabled search: Tap the microphone button on your Android phone, say what you're looking for, and the app will search for that item.

Selling items on eBay from your mobile device

The eBay apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 let you create a listing with a simple form.

You can also do things like:

  • Research sales trends and completed listings for similar items to set a competitive price for your item.

  • Take pictures with your device and add them to your listing, it's fast and easy.

  • Scan your item's barcode to add product details that are in our catalogue automatically.

  • Predefine and save your listing preferences like handling time and return policy.

  • Use the Sell one like this feature to auto-fill some of your item details.

  • Accept PayPal as a payment method.

  • Track your active listings.

  • Relist items.

  • Provide tracking information to buyers (not yet available on our BlackBerry app) and respond to questions straight away.

The fees for selling on eBay are the same when using eBay's mobile apps, and the same rules and policies apply.

Turning on eBay notifications

You can stay up-to-date on the status of your selling, bidding and watched item activity by turning on eBay notifications within the eBay app. Here's how.

For iPhone or iPad:
  1. First, turn on iOS 8 notifications for the eBay app: Go to Settings > Notifications > eBay > Allow Notifications - On.

  2. Then, choose the notifications that you'd like to get: Open the eBay app, go to Settings > Notifications and choose your notifications.

Still using iOS 7? Learn more about iOS 7 notifications at Apple Support.

For Android:
  1. First, turn on Android OS notifications for the eBay app: Go to Settings > Apps > eBay > Show Notifications - On.

  2. Then, turn on the notifications in the eBay app: Open the eBay app and go to Home > Settings > Buyer Notifications, and choose which notifications you'd like to receive.

Windows Phone users can learn more about notifications at Windows Phone How-to.

Fixing common technical problems

Here are a few things you can do to fix common technical problems:



Can't launch or use the app

Be sure you have the latest version of our app. Check the app store for updates.

Already have the latest version of the app, but still can't launch or use it

Uninstall the app, and then reinstall it.

Note: iYou won't lose any information. We store your eBay account activity on, not on your phone.

Photos won't upload

Try one of these solutions:

  • Reboot your mobile device.

  • Uninstall the app, and then reinstall it.

Can't log in with eBay user ID or password

Try one of these solutions:

  • Make sure you're entering all your information correctly. If your device uses autofill or autocorrect, it may automatically enter something that doesn't match your user ID or password. Double-check what you enter when you sign in.

  • If you use the PayPal Security Key for your password, make sure you add the security key numbers to the end of your password when you sign in.

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