How can I protect myself against account and identity theft?

Has your identity or account already been stolen?

If your User ID and password have been used by someone else to buy or list items via your account, you must take immediate action to secure both your eBay account and your identity. There are precise instructions on how to do this on the Account Theft page.

If you've received emails or telephone calls about items you haven't bought or sold (and they don't appear in your account), someone may have registered an eBay account using your contact details. Please tell us what has happened.

How to report fraud or eBay policy breaches

  • If one of your buyers has backed out of a transaction, see Final Value Fee credits to find out how to claim your Final Value Fee and report the member.

  • If someone has stolen your listing text or images, go to the Image and Text Theft page and click the "Report" link.

  • To report other suspicious activity, click the "Report" link at the bottom of this page.

Protecting your identity

For lots of tips on how to protect yourself from account and identity theft, see Protecting Your eBay Account.

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