Keeping you safe on eBay

Our community is guided by the values of open communication and honesty. Although the vast majority of buyers and sellers on eBay are reliable, we continue to provide safeguards in order to help you experience a safe trading environment.

Our rules and policies

To promote a safe trading environment, we have rules and policies that support government laws and regulations, and create a pleasant, safe buying and selling experience for all members.

Type of policy Description

All eBay members

These policies apply to all buyers, sellers, and participants, including eBay employees.

For buyers

These rules help buyers to purchase their items safely on eBay.

For sellers

These rules help sellers to list their items on eBay.

Prohibited or restricted items

These policies describe restricted or prohibited items, the sale of which would have a negative impact on the buying and selling experience of all members. They include items that are inappropriate or offensive, or breach intellectual property rights.

All members are responsible for reviewing and understanding eBay’s policies and all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in our User Agreement.

Violation of our policies may result in restrictions being imposed on your buying and selling privileges.

Benefits of our Feedback system

After members complete their transactions, we encourage them to leave Feedback to describe their buying and selling experiences. Our Feedback system helps you to decide whether you'd like to trade with another member before bidding on or accepting a member’s offer. You can check a member's Feedback Profile by clicking the number next to their user ID or by going to the Feedback Forum.

How we help to protect your account

One of the biggest threats to account security is fraudulent (spoof) email and websites, which are used to obtain personal and account information. eBay would never ask you to provide sensitive information through email. We digitally sign every email that we send to you. If you suspect an email you’ve received is fraudulent, sign in to My eBay and check your messages.  If we sent the email to you, it will also appear in eBay Messages.

Learn how to recognise and report spoof email and spoof eBay websites, or take the tutorial about spoof (fake) email.

Read more about the ways that we help to protect your account, including steps you can take if you suspect that someone has attempted to use your eBay account without your permission.

How we help to protect your privacy

We use procedural and technical safeguards, including firewalls, encryption, and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to help protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorised access and disclosure by users, both inside and outside the company. We also use cookies, web beacons, and third party vendors to provide you with the best possible services.

How we help to resolve transaction problems

If you encounter a transaction problem, we recommend that you communicate with your buyer or seller first. If you're unable to contact the other party, or unable to reach a solution, here's what you can do:

As a seller: As a buyer:

Contact Customer Service

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