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Tanglewood Electro Acoustic Guitars 

Tanglewood Guitars are a manufacturer of instruments based in Britain. They are best known for their large range of acoustic guitars.

The price range of Tanglewood guitars spans from very affordable entry-level guitars to their premium priced top range “Masterdesign” instruments.

Much of Tanglewood’s ranges of guitars are electro acoustic models with built in pickups and preamps. Electro acoustic guitars use pickups to capture the sound of the guitar and convert it into an electrical signal that can be sent to an output source.

This allows them to be plugged into devices such as a speaker, amplifier or mixing desk. Electro acoustic guitars are especially useful to guitarists that perform live and need increased levels of volume from their guitar.

Electro acoustic guitars:

  • Can be plugged into amplifiers and speakers
  • Usually require a battery to power the preamp
  • Often feature built in EQ functions
  • Regularly feature a built in chromatic tuner

Many Tanglewood electro acoustic guitars are very affordable and ideal for beginners and players on a budget that need a well-built instrument. 

Some of the specifications you can expect from Tanglewood’s more affordable models include:

  • Affordable quality construction materials
  • A range of body shapes and designs
  • A choice of finishes
  • Tanglewood designed preamps on lower models
  • Fishman preamps with 3 band EQ on middle of the range models
  • 6 and 12 string guitars

Higher range models often feature:

  • Solid construction materials
  • A range of body shapes and designs
  • High grade quality hardware
  • More advanced preamp systems including preamps from Fishman
  • 6 and 12 string guitars

Protecting your Tanglewood Guitar

  • Use a well built hard case or padded gig bag when travelling with your guitar and to keep it in when not in use
  • Avoid extreme climates as they can cause damage to your instrument - you can use a guitar humidifier to protect your guitar