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Buying and selling on eBay to benefit nonprofit organisations

With eBay for Charity, you can support the causes you care about when you buy and sell items on eBay.

eBay for Charity makes it easy for buyers and sellers to support causes that are important to them.

Buying to benefit charitable organisations

eBay buyers can donate to their favorite charities in the following ways:

  • Buy items from sellers committed to donating all or part of the proceeds to a charity. Look for the charity ribbon icon in the item description when browsing for items, or browse all listings from your favourite charity in the Charity Shop
  • Donate to your favourite charity at checkout. Browse for your preferred charities and select them as your favourites, then every time you pay for items on eBay you’ll have the option to also make a donation to a favourite charity
  • Donate directly with the Donate Now button. Find your favourite charity through the Charity Search on eBay for Charity, then donate your chosen amount through PayPal

For information on tax relief when donating to a charity, see https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/gift-aid.

Selling to benefit charitable organisations

eBay for Charity has partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to make it easy for sellers to donate some or all of the proceeds from eBay listings to their favourite charities.

Sellers have two options when listing items to benefit charities on eBay:

  • Community Selling: Donate up to 100% of your final sales price to support your chosen charities. You can customise the donation percentage and the charity you want to support for each individual listing. Minimum donation amount is 10%, or 1% for eBay Motors listings
  • Direct Selling: You can associate an eBay username with a specific charity. All sales associated with this username are considered Direct Selling for the charity, and 100% of selling proceeds will benefit that named nonprofit

When your item sells, you don’t have to do anything. Three weeks after the sale, PayPal Giving Fund will automatically collect the donation from you.

When you designate a charity in your listings, the organisation’s logo and description will appear in your listing description, and the charity is notified that the listing has been created. The organisation can request to have the listing cancelled if they prefer not to be associated with the listing.

Charitable fundraising is a highly regulated area, so be sure to read our charity and fundraising policy for specific guidelines on listing items that benefit charitable organisations. There are some category restrictions for charity listings. For example, you can't list eBay for Charity items in the Adult Only or Real Estate categories, and you can't list items that aren’t allowed on eBay. See our article on prohibited and restricted items for more details.

Fees and fee credits for charity listings

Sellers pay standard insertion and final value fees for eBay for Charity listings. However, when your item sells, you’ll receive a fee credit for the insertion fee and final value fee that is prorated to the percentage of the final sales price that you have chosen to donate. For example, if you donate 30% of the final sales price to your chosen charity, you’ll receive a credit for 30% of the combined insertion and final value fees charged. Listing upgrade fees and PayPal fees still apply and do not qualify for credit.

If you are a managed payments seller, the discount percentage will be the same as the percentage you donated to the charity, up to a maximum discount of 100%. There will be no additional third party payment processing fee. Listing upgrade fees still apply and do not qualify for a credit. Please refer to our selling fees for managed payments sellers article for more information.

See eBay for Charity – For Sellers for more information about selling to benefit charities.

Information for nonprofit organisations

If you represent a nonprofit organisation and you’d like your organisation to be listed in our directory of registered charities, please visit the eBay for Charity website for nonprofit organisations.

Every eBay member has a donation account. Simply select Donation account to see your dashboard, your favourite charities, and your donations history. Sellers can also pay any donation invoices that are due from their donation account.

When you designate a charity in your listings, the organisation's logo and description will appear in your listing description, and the charity is notified that the listing has been created.

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