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Fee credits

If your item doesn't sell, or if there was an issue with the transaction, you may qualify for a credit on the final value fee, insertion fee, or both.

Final value fee credits

Final value fees are charged whether a sale is completed or not, however, you may be eligible for a final value fee credit in the following circumstances:

We don't issue a final value fee credit if any of the following happens:

  • You refund the buyer outside of eBay – using PayPal's Send Money, for instance
  • You issued a partial refund to the buyer
  • You or the buyer asked us to step in, and the case was decided in the buyer's favour

If you qualify, we'll credit your final value fee to your seller account after any issues are resolved.

You'll see the credit on your statement or you can view it in your Account Summary - opens in new window or tab. You can either leave this credit in your account and use it to pay future fees, or you can request a refund and we'll send you the money. You can only request a refund if you have a credit balance on your account. 

If the buyer still hasn't paid, you can close an unpaid item case after 4 days to receive a final value fee credit.

Insertion fee credits

If you relist your item because it didn't sell the first time around or a transaction has fallen through, you may qualify for an insertion fee credit. We'll automatically credit your account for the insertion fee associated with the relisting, if your listing meets all of the following conditions:

  • Your item sells after you've relisted it
  • Both your original listing and relisting are in the same format (auction-style or fixed price). Listings using the classified ads format don't qualify for insertion fee credits
  • You relist your item using our tool instead of copying and pasting your original listing into a new listing
  • You relist within 90 days of the original listing ended
  • It's the first manual relisting of your item
  • Your starting price isn't higher than the price in the original listing
  • You haven't added a reserve price to the relisting

Credits for removed listings

If we have to remove one of your listings, you may receive a credit for any insertion and final value fees. However, this depends on the reason for the listing removal.

If the listing was removed because an unauthorised person used your account, we'll automatically credit both the insertion and final value fees.

If we remove your listing because of a policy violation, your eligibility for a fee credit will depend on the situation, and will take into account any previous policy violations.

Fee credits for removed listings will be credited to your account once a month, so you might have to wait until your next invoice to see the credit.

Requesting a refund of your eBay credit balance

Here's how to request a refund of your credit balance:

  1. Verify that you have a credit balance on your account. To see your account balance, go to your Seller Account Activity - opens in new window or tab page. A credit balance appears as a negative number on your account status and monthly invoices.
  2. Make sure that your contact information - opens in new window or tab, including your address, is up-to-date.
  3. Contact us to request a refund on your credit balance.
  4. We'll issue your refund to the payment method where the payment originated. For example, if you made the payment with a credit card, your refund will go to that card. If the payment was made using more than one payment method, you can choose where to send your refund. Refunds are usually processed with 30 days.

When you refund a buyer in full or you cancel a sale, you'll qualify for a final value fee credit.

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