About Signing in to Your Account

If you've already registered, you can sign in to your eBay account.

To protect your identity and privacy, you'll be asked to sign in periodically.

For example, you'll be asked to sign in when you:

  • Request a change to your user information including your personal information, email address, user ID, payment methods or credit card information.

  • Have only a buyer account and want to add a seller account.

  • Start the selling process in a different browser session, even if you have selected the Keep me signed in for today option. If, however, you use the same browser session to sign in and to list an item, you will not be asked to sign in again.

  • Clear cookies from your browser or cookies become corrupted.

  • Request to post to the Community Discussion Boards, Chat, Answer Centre, or eBay Groups.

As an additional security check, we may occasionally ask you to enter a verification code when you sign in. This extra security check helps eBay prevent automated registrations and inappropriate use of the site.

If you ever forget your user ID or password, you can have us send it to your registered email address.

Signing in to your eBay account

After you register with eBay, you can sign in with either your user ID or the email address associated with your account, and your password.

When signing in, you can choose to have your computer remember your sign in information for one day so that you don’t have to re-enter your user ID or email address and password. Your password will be saved until you sign out, even if you disconnect from the Internet, close your browser or turn off your computer.

Note: For security purposes, your password is automatically encrypted when you sign in, using Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer (EV SSL) technology. If you have upgraded to a browser with the latest anti-phishing capabilities, look for a green Web address bar for verification that you are on a secure page before entering sensitive information.

About Microsoft Passport

eBay does not support Microsoft Passport authentication for sign in. If you’re a Passport user, you must still sign in with your eBay user ID or email address and password.

To sign in to your eBay account:
  1. Go to the sign in page.

    Important: Make sure the web address of your sign in page starts with

  2. Enter your eBay user ID or email address.

  3. Enter your password or select Sign in with a single use code.

  4. If you're using a public or shared computer, we recommend that you don't tick Stay signed in.

  5. Click the Sign in button.

Forget your user ID or password?

If you forget your user ID, you can log in with your registered email address, or we'll send an email with your user ID.

If you forgot your password, you can select Sign in with a single use code or reset your password.

Note: Your old password will remain active until you create a new password.

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