Receiving a refund for a case

Use these FAQs to help you through the refund process and what you can expect when getting your money back.

How do I get my refund?

When a case is decided in your favour, eBay will issue you a refund through PayPal. Your refund will be sent to the PayPal email address you used to purchase the item. Please allow a few days for the payment to reach your PayPal account.

Why don’t I see the refund in my PayPal account?

You should ensure the PayPal email address you used to purchase the item is confirmed with PayPal. If it’s not, please confirm the email address to receive your refund.

If you still don’t see your refund in your PayPal account, here’s what you can do:

Check that your eBay registered email address has been added to your PayPal account.
If you have multiple PayPal accounts, please check the account connected with your eBay registered email address.
Make sure your eBay registered email address is confirmed with PayPal.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Simply go to PayPal and sign up using your eBay registered email address. You’ll need to confirm your email address with PayPal to receive your refund.

How do I view the status of my refund?

You can view the status of your refund by going to your PayPal account and following these steps:

  1. Click the My Account tab, and then click History.

  2. Select More filters, and then click Refunds.

  3. Click Details for the transaction in question

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