Specifying your postage costs and locations

All sellers on are required to specify a domestic P&P for deliveries within the UK.

There are limits to P&P charges in certain categories for deliveries within the UK. New listings for which P&P charges exceed these limits will be blocked.

Offering free postage

Offering free postage is a great way to attract more buyers and get a higher placement in search results. Also, if you offer free P&P, and we can confirm a buyer chose this option, you'll automatically receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for P&P charges.

Here's how to offer free postage:
  1. When you're listing your item, select a delivery service from the drop-down menu.

  2. Tick the box next to Free P&P.

If you're using a listing tool that doesn't have the Free P&P option, specify your postage cost as '0'.

In search results pages, the word 'Free' appears next to your listing in the P&P column.

Using flat rate postage costs

When you select 'Flat: same cost to all buyers' in the listing form, you decide the postage and packaging costs and which services to use. This option enables you to enter flat costs for UK and international delivery.

If you are selling more than one item, you can enter a postage and packaging cost for each additional item a buyer purchases. The cost you enter will be shown on your item listing. Your buyers will be charged the cost you specify when they pay for the item.

Note: You'll also be required to specify a dispatch time when you list your item, which is how long it will take you to put the item in the mail once you receive payment. If you don't specify a dispatch time, we select a default dispatch time for you.

You can also choose to enter the package dimensions and weight. This will save you time when your item sells and you’re ready to print your postage labels on eBay (because you won’t have to enter the package details at that time).

Using postage rate tables

You can use postage rate tables to set the amount you charge for postage by delivery method and destination. You can also specify costs for international postage, either by region or by specific country.

Your domestic postage rate table sets out your postage costs within the United Kingdom. You can set additional charges for 'special domestic regions ': Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland. If you choose not to post to one or all of the special domestic regions, buyers from those areas will see the item you are offering, but won't be able to bid or buy.

Note: Royal Mail delivers packages up to 20kg to all regions in the UK without charging extra as long as they are within minimum and maximum size guidelines and do not contain prohibited items.

The Scottish Government and UK Government have published a Statement of principles for parcel deliveries which is designed to assist retailers in their policies on the delivery of goods purchased over the internet. It sets out best practice principles as to how sellers can ensure their delivery services meet the needs of their customers.

Your international postage rate table sets out your overseas postage costs. You can set costs by region (e.g. Europe), or by country (e.g. Australia). If you don't specify a rate for certain regions or countries in your table, but you've entered a worldwide postage cost in the listing form, buyers in those locations will see the worldwide cost.

If you don't want to post to certain places, add those regions or countries to your exclusion list. Your international rate table won't show any rates for locations you've excluded.

There are 3 ways you can specify postage costs in your postage rate tables:
  • By item: With this option, the postage cost to a buyer depends on where you're posting the item and the delivery method you use.

    For example, you can choose to charge £2.75 for economy delivery to the United Kingdom (excluding special domestic regions), and £3.50 to the Channel Islands. If you choose this option, the postage cost to the buyer won't vary based on the weight of the package.

  • By weight: If you choose this option, you can set a fixed base cost for any destination and delivery method, and then add an additional fixed amount per kilogram.

    For example, for an item posted within the United Kingdom (excluding special domestic regions) by express delivery you can charge £2.50 plus £0.50 per kilogram.

  • By surcharge: This option lets you set a fixed base cost and then add a surcharge to it for any destination and delivery method.

    For example, you can charge £2.75 for standard delivery and then add a £1.00 surcharge for delivery to special domestic regions such as the Channel Islands and a £2.00 surcharge for delivery to Europe.

To set up postage rate tables:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences. You may need to sign in.

  2. Click Show to see the Postage and packaging preferences section.

  3. Click Edit next to the option to Use postage rate tables.

  4. Select Item, Weight or Surcharge from the drop-down menu, then enter your postage rates for each region.

  5. Once you're finished, click Apply.

To use postage rate tables in your listing:
  1. In the Give buyers P&P details section of the listing form, click Add or remove options at the top of the section.

  2. Scroll down and tick the box next to Use postage rate tables, then click Save.

  3. Tick the boxes next to Apply domestic postage rate table, and/or Apply international postage rate table.

For more information about posting internationally, watch our video on setting up international postage or visit the International Selling hub.

Specifying where you post to

You can exclude certain regions or countries from the places you're willing to post to.

To specify locations you don't post to:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences. You may need to sign in.

  2. Click Show to see the Postage & packaging preferences section.

  3. Click Edit next to the option to Exclude postage locations from your listings.

  4. On the next page, select the regions where you don't want to post your items. If you only want to select certain countries in a region, click Show all countries next to that region's name.

  5. If you want to apply these exclusions to your current listings, select the Apply to all current live listings option.

Special domestic regions



Channel Islands

All postcodes containing GY and JE

Isle of Man

All postcodes containing IM

Scilly Isles


Scottish Islands

IV41-IV49  /  IV51  /  IV55-IV56
KW15-KW17  /  KA27-KA28
PA20  /  PA41-PA49  /  PA60-PA78

Scottish Highlands

IV1-IV40  /  IV52-IV54  /  IV63
PA21-PA38  /  PA80
PH16-PH26  /  PH30-PH41  /  PH49-PH50

Northern Ireland

All postcodes containing BT

Isle of Wight


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