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Apple TV (2nd Generation)
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Created: 29/04/13

Apple TV (2nd Generation) Digital Media Streamer Jailbroken Nito Xbmc Frodo

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

One absolutely spectacular excellently brilliant and fantastic TV box device,
With everything from unlimited movies, free sports streams and web links and even TV shows and best of all they are all completly free of charge.
Yes that's right you heard me completly free!!!
Other than all this you still have some purchase options like buying music and/or TV episodes or series or even films or whatever iTunes has to offer. There is also Netflix free trial then just a small fee of £5.99 a month, but you really do not have to with all the free stuff it's like a dream come true.
Comes with 50 Hrz and only 720p in full HD which is great for what it actually does although compared to Apple's 3rd Genuration ATV that one gives you the full 1080p. Which in my personal opinion is better and so now there is an Apple TV 3 jailbreak available I've yet to try it on my other box.

Small light weight and even the remote is about not much bigger than an iPod which is also lightweight.
On the back you have a HDMI port, Ethernet port, Optical Audio and one for the power cable.
If you're looking for any in particular TV media streaming box that does all this then one of these just might be for you depending on what you want to spend. From this ebay seller they are a very reasonable price for exactly what else they can do. Also if you're unsure weather to get a non jailbroken version or Tethered or Untethered one if you read people's online reviews. The Untethered ones are the best as you don't need a PC or Mac to reboot them once the files have been added.
Please feel free to check out youtube which Apple TVs also have or Vimeo to see jailbreak reviews and tips on where to go like or other links. This is Tethered and gives you Firecore meaning you have to reboot before use.
Get one that say has SeasOnpass Untethered and you don't ever have to reboot with ATV and PC or Mac it's as simple as that. I also found File Manager really useful like if you get Plex put on if it wasn't already on there, you can delete Plex so Xbmc will once again work!!!

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Created: 29/10/13

top media streamer great little box possibilities endless

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

apple tv version 2s.
great media streamia has the capacity to store a few movies tv shows u can air play you phone ipad or ipods content to the tv wicked little unit

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Created: 06/01/14

A little disapointed in availabiltity of programmes and sometimes quaility

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Received the Apple box but had difficulty getting it to work.
contacted supplier who gave me several suggestions, one of which was to try it at another location (A friend who had already got a Apple TV Box) which I did.
Box worked fine at my friend's but only by accessing via Video add-ons not via programme add-ons as suggested by supplier box now seems to be working fine although not always able to get access to programs you want due to streaming not available, which is normal apparently.

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Created: 03/06/14

Top Banana

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Jail broken they are great things to have. I can watch all my media stored on a hard drive connected to my apple timeport via this device on any TV in the house...brilliant!!! daughter loves it for all her Disney movies and cartoons

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Created: 04/01/13

Not as good as i hoped

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

I bought a 'jail broken' 2nd Generation Apple Tv to watch sports on the odd occassion, I don't want to watch enough to need sky. I don't find the streams reliable enough to be able to guarantee watching a particular game. The normal features of Apple Tv are fine although I don't really use them apart from Airplay sometimes and it has a browser that is easier to use than some Tv browsers although it can't cope with sites that need flash player. Maybe Ok for Netflix etc but I have that on my TV anyway.

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Created: 01/04/16

was not great value for me so i am asking for a full refund

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

The Apple TV may be good for certain app stations but the one i wanted
it did not work out for me as the picture shown on my tv was very poor as this happened to me it may not happen to another.

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Created: 28/01/16

An exploration into what you can watch in your home

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Has everything you want and I mean everything from obscure shows like crapston villas to the latest movies. To get the best out of this system you need to explore and write down where the best quality viewing is. the icon SALTS is very useful for steaming the best quality movies etc as it gives a low to high quality rating. The box automatically updates every day with movies etc that have not been released in this country.
The only annoying thing about this system is now and then it crashes as you search causing the unit to reboot and forcing you to start again. A minor irritation in the scheme of things. I estimate it will pay for itself within around three months. Goodbye to subscribing to Sky as this is now a waste of money. I have two boxes ,one the living room and one for the bedroom.

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Created: 28/01/13

A cheap alternative to sky

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

still exploring the A T V 2 but so far quiet pleased HD quaility though only 720 still better than the average broadcast delivers 5/1 sound on some of the broadcasts and dolby surround on the rest. To sum up if you like watching HD quality films and dont want to pay through the nose for sky this a very affordable alternative

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Created: 05/07/14

a great product with lots of support

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

All went well with the purchase easy ebayer to deal with,i brought the apple tv for extra entertainment facilities.

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Created: 30/10/13

Canny seller crap product

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Apple tv isnt the best and there is better boxes outhere that do the same thing. Cant fault the buyer tho. even rang and took my threw were i was going wrong step by step

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