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Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Pink (16 ...
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Created: 08/02/12

Working out ? Dont buy it.Not working out consider it.Be Happy ...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The tiny size and weight of the 6th generation iPod nano are impressive improvements. In almost every other way, though, the 6th generation nano is a step back.
Exercisers will probably want to stay away entirely due to its poor usability.
For average users, if you’re considering buying the new nano, I strongly recommend spending some time with it in a store to see if you can work with its quirks.
When it was introduced, Steve Jobs presented the 6th generation nano as an attempt to shrink the nano while retaining a useful screen size. Apple’s certainly shrunk it – it’s closer to the size of the iPod Shuffle than to its predecessors – but usability is a real concern.

This version of the nano weighs in at just 0.74 ounces and is only 1.48 inches wide. As a result, it’s ultra-portable and doesn’t add any noticeable weight to the average user.

Apple touted its small size and large clip on the back as removing the need for a case and making the nano perfect for clipping to clothes. This may be true for some users, but for exercisers it’s not the case.

Despite its small size and weight, the 6th generation nano is a little too big and a little too heavy to be clipped to most parts of a shirt when exercising. It simply bounces around too much to be comfortable when clipped to a sleeve or, in some uses, to the bottom of a shirt, though when clipped around the neck of a shirt, it’s acceptable.

This poses a particular problem: how to control the nano. Unlike previous models, which used a physical clickwheel, this model relies on a touchscreen with multitouch support for control. This means that to change songs, move from music to podcast, or tune the included FM radio, you need to look at the nano’s screen.

Being forced to look at the screen may be ok when using the nano in day-to-day life, but for exercisers it’s a major, and unnecessary, distraction.

This interface is simply not as effective or usable as the clickwheel that previous models offered.

Missing Features

In addition to removing the clickwheel, the 6th generation nano also removes the video features that have been available on the nano since the 3rd generation model.

The new nano lacks both the ability to play video (which probably makes sense, given that the new model sports just a 1.54-inch screen) as well as the video camera that the 5th generation nano offered.

While neither of these features were likely major attractions of the nano, it’s odd to see more features removed from the new model.

Like previous models, this version of the nano can be controlled via a remote control integrated on headphone cords. Apple offers a headphone with remote on the iPhone or as a separate purchase. Given that the headphone/remote combination removes the need to look at the screen to control the nano, Apple ought to include those headphones with the nano.
The Bottom Line

The 6th generation iPod nano is an odd beast. It’s smaller and lighter – usually benefits – but to get there, it removes useful features and makes the device harder to use.

In this way, it calls to mind the 3rd-generation iPod Shuffle, which removed buttons from the face of the device and forced users to control it via a remote on the headphones. We should applaud Apple’s attempts to innovate in the iPod’s user interface, but this is another failed interface change.

Take a hard look at the 6th generation iPod nano before you buy it.

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Created: 18/07/12

Excellent little gadget - just what you need!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Excellent little gadget - just what you need!

OK, so I am a female magpie, drawn to shiny, sparkly cute things... so this tiny baby blue alloy Nano caught my eye immediately. I initially saw them online, but couldn't conceptualise the size and functionality - so I popped into a shop to have a look. Once I got my hands on one, I was smitten.

First impressions - it's tiny, lightweight, and has a little clip so you can attach it to your clothing. Great colours are available, it was tricky to decide between the blue and the green, both are nice.
It has a built in radio which most mini MP3 players do not. It has a touchscreen display - which shows the song you're listening to and you can browse what music is on the player (also unlike many mini MP3 players- most of them have no display at all, so you cannot choose songs, only randomly shuffle them).
The Nano puts you in complete control of your listening pleasure. Also, the touchscreen is fabulous, it means you don't have to worry about dodgy control buttons etc.

So, I received it today. I opened the cute little clear case that it came in. Inside was the Nano, a set of instructions, a USB connector cable (it's the exact same cable you would use for your iPhone or iPod), and a set of white headphones.
I took out the Nano, and switched it on, and within a couple of minutes had it all set up - icons on the home screen, wallpaper had been chosen, and I chose a clockface for the time display. There are quite a few wallpapers and clockfaces to choose from, which allows you to customise it according to your personal preferences. I updated the timezone setting to UK, London, and it immediately updated the time and date itself with no input from me.

I hooked up to the computer, and it started up my iTunes immediately (I have an iPhone connected to iTunes already on my computer). It asked me if I wanted to connect this new device to my iTunes, and I clicked Yes. (you can have multiple devices attached to the same iTunes interface / software). You give the new device a name i.e. Jane Doe's Nano, and away you go. You can start dragging and dropping onto the device in iTunes, within seconds the music is synced to your Nano. If you have artwork attached to your iTunes albums, it will bring this across as well - and then when you are listening to your Nano, the album artwork will be displayed.

Basically I was up and running within minutes, with music on my Nano.

I next tried the radio - you have to attach the headphones to use the radio, because they act as an antennae to pick up the signal. That works well also.

I haven't tried creating a playlist yet or tried the Nike exercise app - other than to add my height and weight in the selectors.

I bought this specifically for listening to music etc when I am training with my horse. I ride competitively, and the Nano is just the right size to clip onto my clothing and it is out of the way. It's so tiny that I barely notice it is there. It means I can zone out of whatever is going on around me, and just focus on the music, myself and my horse. My iPhone was just too big to fit in a pocket while riding, so the Nano is just perfect. It will be great for the gym as well.

Do I recommend this item? Yes, absolutely. It is the best mini MP3 available on the market. Go on, treat yourself.

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Created: 25/02/11

Absolutely spot-on.

You'll have seen it in shops, sat upon it's alarmed podium, but, until you hold this thing in your hand, free of all constraints, you can't really appreciate just how brilliant this little thing is.

The new iPod nano is solely focused on being a music player. The option to download your photos onto it is still there, but once they're on, there's not much use for them. You can't change the home-screen's background to an image of your own. Instead, you have a pre-set selection of nine very crisp backgrounds that are optimised for the screen's 240x240 pixel resolution.

Audio quality is brilliant. I also own Sony's X-Series walkman, which is touted as a high-end player in the audio department, but I can honestly say that the sound coming from the nano betters the walkman across the board. It delivers rich, detailed sound while maintaining a full tone to the mids and lows. That is, of course, after binning the included earbuds. I will still say that, in my eyes (or ears..), Sony still has the headphone market covered.

Video is missing from this iteration of the nano despite the prior model including a VGA video camera. I've never found myself missing the feature as I believe video is best left to the large-screen TVs.

The addition of a clip to the back-side of the unit is a great design choice. Once clipped to whatever garment you see fit, you will almost forget all about it. This thing is tiny, but doesn't have the trade-off of no screen, a la the iPod shuffle. It carries virtually no weight, yet still feels solidly built. Navigation of the menus is a breeze, even on a touchscreen as small as this.

At the time of writing, the current software for the device has just today been updated to v1.1. This is the standard 'bug fixes' and minor UI tweaks, but it also adds the ability to use the 'hold' button to either play/pause or skip to the next track upon double-clicking. This saves having to wake the unit and prod around the screen to achieve your desired command.

Bottom line: If you want a dedicated music player then you can't go wrong with the iPod nano. It does have its other features, such as a pedometer, but this time around, the focus is almost exclusively on the music. Just treat yourself to another pair of headphones...

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Created: 07/07/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I've had this less than a week.

It replaces a 2Gb MP3 player that was given to me on a bicycle tour last year, the name of whose manufacturer eludes me, but which was very small and has provided me with countless hours of music enjoyment whilst cycling over the last year, (riding with earphones is not something I'd recommend on anything but deserted roads or for seriously foolhardy cyclists).

Previous to that I've owned a portable Sony CD player back in 2000, and various early Walkman incarnations in the 80's.

This Apple iPod is far superior to my last MP3 player: it's smaller, has better quality sound and is a much nicer gadget generally. It holds 16 Gb which is plenty of storage space for me, (I'm accustomed to slimming down my song choices to the bare essentials). It has an FM radio which is a nice way to keep in touch with worldly affairs. It has lots of functions which I'll never use, such as the Genius mix, the clockface, the pedometer, etc., holds photos (although to be honest with a screen this size it's hardly worth the effort), is easy and simple to use, and the instructions are less than a page long - yay! It also accepts more song file formats than many players, which means I have to spend less time converting files on my Mac. Oh, and it's a cinch to use with iTunes and a Mac too.

I have only ever used it for a few hours at a time and I have yet to see how long it'll cope until the rechargeable batteries die on me.

One thing I would suggest is to replace the headphones. I hate the supplied ones as I find them uncomfortable, they don't stay in my ears and are of somewhat dubious quality. I'm currently using Sennheiser CX 400-II's: an excellent upgrade!

I'd also suggest getting a silicon/gel cover, to protect the unit and the screen.

All in all, although it's taken me many years to join the iPod generation, a great gadget if you like your music, like travelling light, and like moving unencumbered.

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Created: 09/05/11

The 6th Generation Nano is a step forward

Review for: Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Pink (16 GB)

I bought this as a present for my daughter after owning one myself for several months. I've used most of the Nano models over the years - and as a pure music listener (I don't use my iPod for photos or movies etc) the Nano has always had plenty of capacity for my needs and the compact size suits me: More often than not I use my iPod when running or otherwise exercising.

For me the 6th Generation Nano is perhaps the biggest step forward Apple have made with this range, bearing in mind that I don't have much interest in the movie feature that appeared on the previous model. It's even more compact, is feather-light, and comes with a clip that allows you to attach it to your belt, or shirt, or whatever. A cracking addition. The small size also means it fits into the same case as I use to carry my earphones.

The other big change from previous models is the touch screen. I think I marginally prefer it to the wheel on previous models, although this could just be that I'm now used to the iPhone interface so the touch screen just feels more modern. On the plus side it gives you flexibility to set up your screens to suit. However, it can be a bit fiddly - in particular the alphabet to allow you to quickly jump through your catalogue is on the right hand side of the screen. I sometimes find that I catch this accidentally as I'm just trying to scroll through, and jump several letters through the alphabet as a result. I'd say this is a minor irriration overall.

I consider myself to be a reasonably serious music listener, and use a decent pair of earphones (Westone 2). I can't remember the last time I even unwrapped the basic white earphones that are supplied as standard with iPods. I listen to a variety of music including classic rock, dance, jazz and classical. I've never experienced a sound quality issue with any of the Nanos I've owned. From time to time I've done informal comparisons with other players and not yet come across a reason to switch away from the Nano.

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Created: 16/04/11


I bought this due to the headphone port on my iPhone dying and not being able to afford a new one yet. This has the same storage capacity as my 3G iPhone (16GB) and is obviously quite a bit smaller, but retains the touchscreen functionality that I'm used to.

I find the tiny form factor and clip perfect for my needs, and whilst the touchscreen is small it definitely works well and only takes a minute or two to get used to in comparison to the larger iPhone/iPod Touch screen. Having only 4 artists/albums/songs visible on screen at a time is a bit of a downer, but scrolling is very easy and quick and the 'skip to letter' function which uses the right side of the touchscreen is very useful too. Navigation using the left to right swipe to move back a screen is really smooth and intuitive, and in general the navigation is a breeze.

Battery life is great, and the thing is so light that you don't even notice it clipped in to your belt or the edge of your pocket. If all you want from a Nano is the basic music playing function and the smallest possible form whilst still being perfectly useable then this is perfect for you. If you want video playing functions and don't mind a slightly larger model then go for the 5th Generation, though overall this is exactly what I wanted from an iPod.

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Created: 05/01/11

Brilliant little MP3 player!

I bought this item to replace an iPod Touch that I lost.

After rethinking what I wanted from an iPod, I thought I'd downsize, and I found that even though it doesn't do videos or games etc. it is a powerful MP3 player! The display is incredibly detailed, the functions are easy to use, the touch sensitive display is incredibly intuitive - scrolling down a long list of songs and albums is a breeze!

It's light as a feather, but the clip makes sure I'll never lose it again. The best thing is the built in radio - it tunes in accurately, and the earphones provide pretty good reception.

If I had to fault one small thing, it's that I have a blue model, and I can see some tiny chips appearing in the paint - so I'd advise using a silicone cover to protect it.

Overall, a great product - who'd have thought something so small could contain so much!

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Created: 26/01/11

iPod Nano 6th Gen 16GB - One Solution

Review for: Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Pink (16 GB)

Since when I got my first MP3 player in 2001, there used to be several issues always. Actually this is my 7th MP3 player and 4th iPod that is the closest to be perfect (ever)! I liked 16GB built-in memory in this size, light weight, functions including that it's very easy to pick tunes, FM radio, apps, battery life time, and user-friendly design. It is also excellent to use with Bose MIE2i Mobile headset with a remote. Overall excellent like 9/10.

Additionally, in case if I can tease more to Apple, possibly more memory (such as additional 32GB+ model etc) and faster sync speed as possible. Because I took like 14 hours to fill this 16GB model (only about 15GB you can use though) converting to 128kbps from higher kbps and I was only able to put about 4000 tunes in 128kbps, although Apple ads stated as 5000 tunes... (Maybe my tunes are longer than average...!?)

Also, in the future if possible, supporting Bluetooth headphones as a standard setting (without any additional adapter/dongle like now, because this Nano has a mini-stereo jack right next to a power/sync connection part, so some old iPod Bluetooth dongle for power/sync connection couldn't be attached. Mini-stereo jack connection dongles seemed ok to put though, myself hasn't tested sound quality of that type yet) and having some waterproof might be better for sports loving people ...or in our rainy Britain. (There are waterproof sports cases as options though, it makes this cute one little bigger...)

In this moment, I might buy another colour if I required more memory, because I quite liked this new Nano.

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Created: 19/02/12

An ok update, but I would suggest an older model!

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

The Ipod Nano, it's been a staple for music lovers for years now, so when my old Nano managed to get washed (NOT COOL), I thought I'd move with the times and update to the latest version. However, I am disappointed to say, that I wished I'd bought a second hand older model.
The screen has shrunk to just over an inch square and is now touch screen, which has been nothing but annoying for me, because when you want to go back to the previous screen you have to swipe across the screen to the right, sounds easy enough? IT’S NOT. 95% of the time it thinks you want to scroll down which is just annoying! Also I can’t help but feel that this touch screen is taking its toll on the battery, as the life is only about 2/3 of what my old Nano was and that was 2 years old!
Feature wise, it’s not fantastic. You can no longer watch videos on the Ipod, which for me is an great shame as I loved watching music videos on my Ipod on the go and there’s no longer any games either. However there’s now this thing called fitness, which is like pedometer thing. It also records like lap times and how many calories you’ve lost etc. No doubt this will be good for some people but useless for others. It’s also got a built in radio, but as I’m not a radio fan is a useful as a chocolate kettle to me.
Overall, it’s a disappointment to me, but for some it’ll be quite good with the radio and fitness feature and at the end of the day, it plays music which is what I want.

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Created: 13/02/11

Yeah, it's okay

I got this for my partner as she wanted a small IPod and not the touch, Personally, I don't really get it, the screen is so small but with such high resolution that it appears to be capable of playing tiny games or watching mini movies, yet it doesn't, it has a radio that connects via the earphone, which is as bad as it sounds, signal drops everywhere, The layout is nice, a Little on the complex side for something that in essence just plays your music and nothing more, You have albums, and sub-menu's for those albums, various types of folders for certain types of music, a settings menu that is rather detailed for just an mp3 player, a picture viewer for tiny eye strain vision which is baffling to use and nothing more than a fun novelty for a little while, Everything good about it is made redundant by the fact that it's only so expensive because of the apple logo. the build quality is pretty good and it feels sturdy. All in all it's good but too pricey and is just okay, nothing new.

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