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BlackBerry Curve 8520 - Black (Orange) S...
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Created: 10/11/10

Blackberry 8520


Cheapest blackberry
Cheap to replace housing if damaged
Nice design
Large screen
Very durable even if dropped
Plastic buttons
Media Controls
Supports OS 5.0 (soon OS6.0)

Cons :

Looks Cheap
Feels Cheap
Only 2G
Screen Resolution is very low
Low quality colours of screen
No Flash
Camera only 2 megapixel

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Created: 06/04/10

blackberry rim 7290 mobile phone

this phone was ok for txting and calling the camera took a good picture too.
the one thing that disappointed me was that i couldnt use the e-mail and internet facility,i contacted o2 who informed me i could not use these functions on a pay as you go simcard and to use these i would have to go on contract(how silly).as i did not want this i sold the phone.
so please beware if you are buying one of these phones with the intention of using your existing simcard you wont be able to use all the functions.(well not on o2 pay as you go anyway)

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Created: 19/07/11

Very basic ''smartphone'' which isn't all that smart..

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Bought this for my dear mother. Being old she doesnt really know much about modern day technology, so I had a go to show her how to use it. It's fairly easy to manouvere between menu's, I did find the features pretty poor though. There is not much this phone does than what any other average phone (under £100) does.
If ever you get stuck between a blackberry and an iphone, do the wise thing and get an iphone. I have the 3gs but it is a million times better than this.. This is a good phone though for someone not really into modern features.
Buttons are a bit small.. Could potentially cause some anger issues

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Created: 15/01/10

Blackberry 8520 not as good as 8900

Didnt like the fact there was no GPS Its only when you dont have it do you ralise the true value. If you are used to having all the gadgets on youre blackberry then this is disappinting. I would say though if youregard it as entry level its fabulous. The new track pad is far superior then the track ball

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Created: 18/05/11

black berry curve 8520

good for young childrens buttons bit small screen to small but good for beginners like the thin size of ,i perfer touch screen personaly

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Created: 14/03/11

Blackberry 8520

We like the colour and blackberry's are popular and my daughter wanted one for her birthday. We are not happy with the fact the phone was not new as described and had ear phones missing and beat up old box so took the shine off it.

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Created: 07/03/11

Blackberry Curve 8520 Mobile Phone Faulty

my blackberry curve 8520 faulty i bought this phone quite cheap as it only required a LCD screen. I was thinking it would cost me around £20 which would make this phone a bargain, but it ended costing me £40 so it just left me as a ordinary blackberry with an ordinary price tag.

the phone itself it is really good with blackberry, great BBM, loud speakers for music, good web browser all in all it is a great phone.

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Created: 02/11/10

RIM/Blackberry Curve 8520 Mobile Phone

Very stylish finish, smooth interface and operating system, I was also quite impressed with the battery life, however it is not a 3G phone so I've just bought another one.
The negative side I noticed is a slight hardware fault with the keypad but that can be fixed.

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Created: 02/06/10

Blackberry Curve

My phone was lost - this phone is not as good as 9700. But it does the job - just not as well.
The keypad is not as good.
The screen quality is not as good.
Feels cheap and tacky in comparison to the 9700.
The end.

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Created: 14/02/11

BlackBerry Curve 8520 review

With the BlackBerry Curve 8520, RIM has done a good job of creating an affordable phone with all the right features, although you might miss 3G connectivity. Just make sure you get it in black

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