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Created: 03/05/10

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone

Although this latest device doesn't feature a touchscreen, there is a newly designed touch sensitive navigation button, situated in the centre below the screen. This takes the place of the Pearl, one aspect of the BlackBerry we've become accustomed to.

This optical trackpad is successful at re-inventing a way to navigate around the BlackBerry - allowing you to scroll smoothly through menus. Like the Pearl, you can press down on the trackpad to select an item. For those people who have been using a BlackBerry with a Pearl, it may take a little time to get used to the experience, but soon you'll find it's more responsive.

On either side of this navigation feature, there's the usual BlackBerry key that pulls up a content-specific menu, depending on which app you're using, and a back key on the right hand side. On the outer edges, you'll find call answer and end buttons. All four of these keys are recessed, giving the Curve 8520 a super-sleek finish.

However, this sleek, shiny finish does come with a foible. The outer casing attracts more fingerprints than any other BlackBerry, so you'll be wiping away smudges from dawn until dusk.

The keyboard is a joy to use. The keys may be small, but they're also slightly tilted, and raised, so your fingers can find them without much issue.

One thing that will really strike you about the BlackBerry Curve 8520 is the feather-weight load when it's in your hand or pocket. At just 106g, it's the lightest BlackBerry yet. It's also slim and perfectly formed, ensuring your pockets won't be bulging.

Inside the BlackBerry, there's nothing missing to cause concern. Even Wi-Fi is onboard, although you may miss the 3G capabilities when away from a hotspot. EDGE does make an appearance, although that's not much faster than GPRS.

Multimedia is this device's main game. The camera is only 2-megapixels without a flash or autofocus, but dedicated music keys along the top allow you to access tunes in a jiffy.

A whole IM folder allows you to chat to your friends or colleagues using BlackBerry Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger with the apps already on the handset. It's a shame there's not just one app that can sign you in to all of these at the same time preinstalled, but downloading BlackBerry App World will eliminate this issue, with a whole variety of apps at your fingertips.

The 2.6-inch screen is just as large as on the higher-end devices such as the Bold, and even with its lower-resolution screen (320 x 240 pixels compared to 480 x 320 pixels), it's equally as crisp, vibrant and clear.

The interface isn't anything new, sticking to the simple icon-based BlackBerry look, with customisable shortcuts at the bottom of the screen and large, clear icons in the main menu.

The Documents to Go suite of apps is preinstalled, allowing you to view Word, Excel, PDF and image files on the move. You won't be able to create documents though - this is a feature reserved for the premium version of the application.

What is stunning on the BlackBerry 8520 is the battery life. Unlike any other BlackBerry we've tested, the handset only needed charging once every three days. Although this isn't surprising with the lack of 3G and GPS, it is surprising coming from a BlackBerry, renowned for their abysmal battery life.

the Phone is a must buy and is extermely easy to use definately recommended

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Created: 26/10/10

Blackberry convert

I bought this phone for my 16 year old daughter and she is delighted with it. The phone certainly looks good. It is well designed, light and feels good in your hand. The qwerty keypad is easy to use and makes texting so much easier. I can see why other manufacturers are adding them on their latest models.

Although the 8520 is one of the cheaper Blackberry models it comes with a wealth of features which are more than enough for most users. This phone comes with a trackpad instead of a trackball which makes scrolling around the screen and Apps very easy. There is one touch access to the internet, facebook, twitter as well as email. I liked the ease of setup. There are comprehensive menus for everything. As someone who pays the bills I also liked the option to set my local wi-fi as preference. This means the phone accesses my local wireless router for data transfer, facebook etc, whenever my daughter is in the house and O2's mobile internet when she is out and about. It does this automatically saving on her data allowance. My local wi-fi is also a lot faster than mobile as the 8520 can utilise wirelss g speeds.

I have been able to compare this phone to a touchscreen smartphone as my son recently bought an LG Optimus GT540. This is an Android phone which can do all the things I have mentioned about the Blackberry 8520 including the wi-fi. The LG can also be flipped on its side to create a touchscreen qwerty keypad. My son prefers his LG because he likes the larger touchscreen. My daughter prefers the Blackberry because she likes the real keys and the way it handles.
Apps for the Blackberry are accessible through Blackberry Apps world. Android phones use Google Apps. Both have both free and paid Apps.
I wouldn't like to say which is best as it comes down to personal preference. I I like the larger screen of the LG but the Blackberry is easier to use and feels better in your hand.
I had not really considered a Blackberry for myself before but having seen and used my daughters 8520 I have become a convert. I really like this phone.

The only slight drawback is the 2mp camera. This is fine for uploading to facebook etc, which you can do directly from the phone but it is not ideal if you want a decent photograph. Having said that if you want a decent photo you should really use a decent camera but then again you usually have your phone with you and not the camera. This particular 8520 was bought as a replacement for a Sony Ericsson K800i which has a great built in 3.2 mp camera for a mobile phone.

I'd definitely give the 8520 the thumbs up. It's a lovely phone and its features are very accessible and easy to use.

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Created: 30/09/11

Execellent fone with great features definetly recommend buying

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

the phone itself looks attractive because of its glossy finish however the battery life is not up to scratch, the battery finishes in about two days of use. the track-pad is very responsive too and the Internet could be better. the camera is very good for a 2 mega pixel. the app store has many apps to download which is good the phone has 256mb internal memory which is used to save these downloads on. there are also many settings and options to change/edit.

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Created: 25/01/11

Blackberry 8520

Great phone, but can be quite difficult to navigate around if you are not used to smart phones. Very fast set up and internet connection, loads of bonuses like wifi and blackberry instant messaging. Brilliant media, too, i put my nokia memory card in and the music is of a clearer sound and the photos look amazing on the blackberrys wide screen. Much easier to type on too with the qwerty keypad, but gettin used to using the alt key can be difficult. A brilliant buy, would recommend this product to anyone.

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Created: 12/05/10

Blackberry's Curvey, Slinky, Minky, Stoaty 8520 Phone !

Other than perhaps some missing style flourishes and the lack of 3G connectivity, the Curve 8520 is a real BlackBerry, with all the BlackBerry bells and whistles we’ve come to expect. Excellent for both verbal and nonverbal communication and with plenty of entertainment and expansion options.

The 2-megapixel camera takes surprisingly excellent pictures indoors and out, with plenty of preset exposure options. Snapshots are colorful, with as much detail as you’d expect from a 2-megapixel imager.

The trackpad is a huge leap beyond BlackBerry’s other navigation options. The tiny pad is more functional and reactive than typical navigation arrays. You simply slide your thumb across it to move the cursor in any direction, and press it in to activate whatever lights up...simple and easy.

Using the included BlackBerry desktop software you can load tracks. It offers the option to pull in either entire playlists, or random tracks from specific playlists, depending on how much space you have on your memory card, from either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Music plays continuously and seamlessly under all applications. The sounds of music and movies blasted with plenty of volume and bass through the top speaker.

While the Curve has no problem playing back MPEG-4 on its bright and colorful 2.46-inch screen, it can’t handle QuickTime movies.

All in all the Curve is a great phone/pmp/smartphone, call it what you will. Worth the money for it's sleekness and elegance.

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Created: 02/02/10


The phone is excellent overall however the camera is not the best as there is no flash. The mega-pixels of the actually screen is poor as the quality looks like a blur compared with other blackberry models. The touch pad is great though and everything seems to work okay.

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Created: 23/01/10

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone is a one of the greatest smartphones availible in the market today.
Its caperbility and OS (Operating System) is fantastic.
Its speed is great for your buisness and personla life such as facebook.
Blackberry has something called 'live' which is something about socializing.
The phone is great for a one user & nearly everyone should be able to use it.
The BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone has introduced something called a TrackPad.
It replaces the old ball that most Smartphones have. The Ball used to get stuck over a few months or so because of dust and some people claimed it fell out.
The great theing is blackberry tried there best to resolve this problem.
So they introduced the TrackPad. Its supposed to work like a laptops trackpad and with my experience with it, It does!
Its easy to use and has many features on it.
The email caperbilities are fantastic and has a great camera for a blackberry.
The QWERTY keyboard is a bit small but is spaced out and is really easy to use after a while.
Its WI-Fi uses are pretty good.
You can store your credit card details for things like a wifi hotspot thaat you need to pay for.
It does have a AppStore.
It isnt like the iphone/Apples AppStore but it is getting there.
Well we hope you enjoyed this review.
If you need any questions answerd?
Just mail me.
Regards Magic!

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Created: 20/09/09

The blackberry dilemma

The blackberry curve 8520 is a great phone, very accessible, easy to communicate, only issue with the blackberry series is to truely make the most of it, you have to go out of your way to get a dedicated blackberry pack from your service provider to actually make the most of the utilities this phone offers for example facebook, messenger, e-mail etc. The phone itself is fantastic value for money considering the current market, just the additional extras that you need to purchase to maximise the potential of this mobile phone that slightly detract from the overall package. But i would definetly recommend it.

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Created: 24/11/10

Blackberry curve

origianly i was after an iphone but couldnt really afford one and they seemed a bit flimsy,my son's fell outof the car door and smashed! so i bought a blackberry, my first impression was 'wow,i love this phone' now after owning it for a couple of weeks and the novelty of my first smart phone has worn off but i have to say this is a very good phone/handheld computer. it feels solid,more hard wearing than a touch screen,i can get online and pay bills even do a tesco shop.the sound quality is good, very easy to transfer music ect from a pc. only downside is the £5 per month charge to set up the email service. on the whole tho, very pleased with my lovely blackberry.

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Created: 01/08/11

Nice and Easy

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

-Easy to use keyboard
-Digital Camera
-Responsive Trackpad
-Reasonable Price

-Digital camera no flash and only 2MP
-Addtional cost to use the internet on Monthly PAYG contracts.

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