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FIFA 11 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2011)
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Created: 18/05/12

Decent but needs improvment

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Decent game play. easy to use.
FIFA 11 sees the introduction of various new features which takes the game’s authenticity up a notch. These include Personality+, the 360° Fight For Possession inclusion, Career Mode (the replacement for Manager Mode), and the highly anticipated addition of “Be A Goalkeeper”: FIFA 11 has got it all. Creativity and fluency will be noticed right off that bat when you’re rushing through the menus desperate to pick your favorite team, and see how the game plays on the pitch. And the best part? You’re more than likely going to love every last minute of a full 90+ minute football match.

Gameplay has been improved so much that FIFA 10 will quickly fade from your memory, and feel nothing less than clunky in comparison. One of the game’s producers stated the EA Sports team will be adding what they call the Iniesta touch. Technical players are now able to easily get away from an opposing player on the other team via a few quick movements. The new touch sees a quick flick with the analogue stick to instantaneously turn away from defenders; giving immediate satisfaction to the player. It clearly has greatly improved the overall dribbling system from past titles and will certainly make the average player more than content since you’ll be able to ping the ball to a good player while being confident he’ll be able to use his quality to easily go past a player. Some of the world’s best players such as Andres Iniesta, Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi and many more are shown with their true advantage; having their real skills simulated perfectly in the game.

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Created: 23/09/11

FIFA is a classic that is slowly starting to show its age

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

To be honest, if they had kept FIFA 10 and only added the new kit updates and the music & chant customization part then I would have been happy.

They release a new FIFA every year and all they release is the same game with very minor changes to it. don't get me wrong I love the FIFA series but instead of releasing a refined game every year and charging £40 for it, why not just release update patches for the existing game? I think greed is playing its evil card here.

also, they have never got the Newcastle United kits right since FIFA 09! This is very annoying to me as I'm a life long NUFC fan & shirt collector, so heres a list of my observations... FIFA 09 - club crest is not in the center of shirt on home kit, FIFA 10 - sponsor logo white instead of black on home kit and the yellow away kit there is a large patch for the number where there should be stripes, FIFA 11 - rear neckline of shirt is white instead of black on home kit and away blue shirt looks nothing like the real one, so please get our kits right in FIFA 12

Final Score for FIFA 11 - 3/5

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Created: 26/01/11

fifa 11 (womans view)

i hate it personally- my partner wanted it and got to keep the man happy! to me the qualitle looks poor, the players lookm like inflated stick men and its about as realistic as it kids T.V programme. i dont see why you would want to play as a full team! do the real footballers play as 11 people or do they play as 1 - just what i thought 1!! it needs better grafix for 2012 to say the least! maybe a total overhaul new designers new games designer new artists and more realistic gameing experiance!

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Created: 03/05/11

OK Game but don't buy 2nd hand.

it's not as good as FIFA 10. controls are ok in amateur or semi-pro but the game is overly complicated in higher difficulty settings so not much fun.

if you buy the game 2nd hand, you'll have to buy a token to play it on-line so any savings you make will be written off.

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Created: 21/09/11

buy new unless u can buy it really cheap pre-owned if u want to play online

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

brill game to play but if you buy pre-owned you have to pay £8 to play online you only get 7 days free trail!!!!

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