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Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie (1997)
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Created: 06/03/08


The title for this rather remarkable album, 'Flaming Pie' came in a vision from John Lennon way back in 1961, where a man came to him in a dream, riding a flaming pie saying you are the Beatles with an 'A'....
As an album it is filled with beautiful tracks and some wonderful rockers - not least being the title track 'Flaming Pie' that really kicks into gear on the bridge with some splendid boogie piano and drumming from Mr McCartney..
As a big fan of Jeff Lynne and ELO it was also pleasing to see him involved in this album (the first after the 'Antholgy' series and the 'Free As A Bird' single in 1996)... Unfortunately the working relationship between Lynne and McCartney only extended to 4 tracks - but they are rather wonderful, The opening number 'The Song We Were Singing', 'The World Tonight', 'Heaven On A Sunday' and the title track.. These tracks all have a bit of that wonderful Lynne production magic about them, though he's held himnself well in check allowing the songs plenty of breathing space....There's also a couple of beautiful ballads on offer, not least 'Calico Skies'.. which brings tingles in it's splendid simplicity.... There's also a few jam stle collaborations with Steve Miller - all of which work wonderfully well... Of the 14 tracks on this disc, every one fits into the overall feel of the album - Although I confess to being a somewhat lapsed McCartney fan, I get the distinct feeling that the amazing renaisance in the McCartney albums of the past decade, probably kick started with this rather delightful disc.. Buy It+++++

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Created: 07/04/12

If you liked The Beatles, you'll love this. Buy it!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I was a huge Beatles fan from the early "Love me do" to "Let it be". When Paul McCartney started out on his own, I bought a number of his LPs and found that they still had the Beatles great and unusual tunes, almost certainly because of Paul's earlier writing for the Beatles. Then I sort of lost interest a bit - getting older - and eventually lost touch with the music scene.
More recently I recorded a TV programme of Paul playing a concert somewhere. Forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I watched it. Amazing stuff. Songs I'd never heard before. It took me back to the 60s when every Beatles song was better than the last and you couldn't believe how they could go on doing it. In particular I really loved "Calico Skies". How could I have missed such a superb "Beatles" song?
So I searched the net to find which CDs had it on and found "Flaming Pie". If you're a Beatles fan, buy it! You'll love it and, in particular, "The Songs We Were Singing", "Flaming Pie" and "If you wanna". If you liked Paul's quiet thoughtful slightly sad ballads you'll absolutely love "Little Willow".

There are only a limited number of musical notes in the whole world. How can Paul McCartney find such beautiful combinations that you haven't heard before? It's a mystery. But thank goodness he can!

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Created: 07/09/06

Ex beatle keeps it loyal

As the last remaining song writer of the beatles I found myself wanting to see what made this man tick. We all know the frog song but back in a time when John Lennon and his death clouded all that an ex beatle did wasn't a great song. Now and in the last 20 years macca has gone back to his routes and remembered what fun he had in the beatles.Flaming Pie Could have come off the back of McCartney in 1970 as is the cleanness of the songs like, Little Willow and Calico Skies. This is truly a great album and one that will make you happy in the summer sun or thoughtful in the winter blues. A classic.

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Created: 04/09/06

paul mccartney flaming pie

my uncle is a big fan and he did not have this album so thats why i bought it he has since said that it is a brill album!

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Created: 24/05/16

paul mcCartney flaming pie

good cd grows on you as you listen a few times if you like paul m youll like this

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