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Created: 15/02/12

The Modfather

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I've liked Paul Weller for some time, having mainly admired from afar; just listening to and appreciating his music when friends played it. Having recently seen him in concert, I decided to just equip myself with his entire back catalogue.

A friend of mine who is a long time fan recommended Wild Wood to me as Weller's best album, more so than Stanley Road, which I shall also review shortly, and which he feels is overrated. Both are really great albums but I have to agree that this is Weller's finest release.

There were no tracks I had trouble getting into, and there were none I wanted to skip over. The instrumentals are lively and delivered with real heart and soul and gusto. It was easy to relax on the sofa listening to this, and also to have it on as background music although I much prefer giving it my undivided attention as I feel it deserves it.

I'd strongly recommend you buy this deluxe edition because the demos are a great raw, gritty take and a fascinating insight into the creative process. I also like remixes as included herein for a different take on songs you already know in their original context. This edition, as if it couldn't offer more, also has some previously unreleased material and some exclusive BBC recordings.

This album overall, to me, reminds me of a rockier, slightly cooler Jools Holland (don't get me wrong, I adore Jools Holland too); it's just so funky and upbeat, with some really solid lyrics in there. It's easy to sing along to and can create a great atmosphere in a room.

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Created: 25/03/07

Paul Weller - Stanley Road (CD 1995)

The Music OF PAUL WELLER IS SO UNDER-ESTIMATED, this album brings out his shear harmonics an incredible album, the timing and the extention of acoustic control on the guitar is immense, maybe his voice is that not of a mid-stream singer but the voice is superb on this, give this album a go at least, this is one of my favourites, as a bit of trivia he played on peter gabriel melt album, just for the music buffs out there.

Instrumental, voice, cool, sound a must 5/5.

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Created: 09/12/09

Paul Weller -Stanley Road

This album is ace.Hard to believe its 15 years old.I,m serious when i say this sucker hits harder than a Nigel Benn right hander.Great songs amazing vocals and excellent musicianship combine to deliver a wonderous experience.Its a must for any collection.Weller rocks

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Created: 20/11/06

the modfather rturns

the mod father never lets you down ,from the gutsy WALK ON GILTED SPLINTERS
to the mellow YOU DO SOMTHING TO ME,every one a classic ,
with guest from noel galleager to steve winwood ,it covers the full spectrum
of this mans talent
thanks paul for the sound trck of my youth

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Created: 04/06/09

Good value

I liked the CD as I knew a couple of tracks from it already and liked eaerlier work by Paul Weller in his Style Council days.

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Created: 15/04/09

A great timepiece and classic album

I purchased this for my husband who likes Paul Weller and the jam.
He said that this album is one of the greats and loves every track.
I would recommend this album to anyone that likes the jam or paul weller on his own as the tracks are great!.

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Created: 12/06/11

brilliant :)

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

totally brilliant artist and my favorite cd by a long shot, love it, love it, love it.... Also, happened to talk with Paul Weller on the phone by chance on the same day I recieved the album so of course it means so much more to me now, lovely guy with fab albums, know why I love it soooo much now, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up....

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Created: 14/02/08

Stanley Road

Never liked Paul Wellers solo stuff untill recently so have been busy buying his back catalogue. My musical tastes are obviously changing as I'm getting old. Stanley Road is a classic

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Created: 07/06/08

A must for any Paul Weller fan

Fantastic CD - Paul Weller at his best. Can't stop listening to it.

My favourite song is 'You do something to me'. The words to this song are absolutely fantastic and sum up the love of one person for another.

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Created: 01/06/10

Paul Weller, Stanley Rd

This is a classic! Paul Weller at his best with song such as The Changingman, Out Of The Sinking, And You do somthing to me, Brilliant Album

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