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The Beatles - Beatles (Stereo Box Set, 2...
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The Beat...The Beat...

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Created: 06/02/10

watch out for Chinese fakes!

doubtless there are genuine Beatles box sets on eBay, but there are also a load of fakes from China - these are marked as though they are made in EEC, and while the outer box looks OK, there are typo mistakes on the back cover of the CDs. Have a look at the White Album - if 'Wild Honey Pie' appears twice, the second time instead of part of the title of 'The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill' then it's a fake. Also look at the small print on the back of Revolver - in the writing credits there are various mispellings of McCartney's name.

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Created: 09/05/10

Listen to history being made... now much more clearly

The Beatles were by some distance the most influential band of all, so it's great to get their work properly remastered (read the extensive interview with the team at Abbey Road in Record Collector - these guys were painstaking) and get closer to what they were hearing in the studio at the time. All the ingredients are much clearer now - McCartney's amazing bass parts, Starr's once much under-rated drumming, Lennon and Harrison on guitar showing huge imagination and variation, the lead and harmony vocals, use of other instruments (a lot was owed to George Martin's arrangement skills), recording techniques... the list goes on, and the sum of the parts is incredibly creative, varied and (mostly - there are some duds) superb music. The Beatles get more interesting as they develop as writers, musicians and recording artists, and it is fascinating to track that growth through the albums (which means I play the very early ones less than say, Rubber Soul and after). If you're into the technical details and can find a copy of Mark Lewisholm's excellent book chronicling the Beatles's recording sessions and have it to refer to as you listen, then even better. It's all beautifully packaged (unlike the bootleg versions - believe it) with informative historical and technical notes, and all together a great package, worthy of a great band.

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Created: 02/09/11

Beatles box set covers the Beatles in stereo very well

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought the box set because its in stereo and it covers the Beatles work well. The packaging was not as good as I would like (hard work pulling discs out of the card sleeve) Also some glue from sleeve was on the cd only on one cd! (IT CAME OFF OK) The product is very good for the price I paid. Cannot find anything that compares with this box set as it covers the Beatles so well in stereo

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Created: 11/03/10

The Beatles Boxed set remastered plus dvd

this is the ultimate beatles collection every album they ever released plus all the stuff that was collated after they broke up two cds of those songs alone.
the dvd with all the interviews and comments about how the songs came about were fantastic to watch and i am sure that i will get many many hours of enjoyment out of this compilation....
sounds fantastic totally the one to buy its expensive of course, what would you expect for a famous bands life work not even two modern day concert tickets at a hundred pounds....
highly recomended......

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Created: 24/02/10

Beatles Stereo Box Set Remastered

Having listened to all the Beatles songs over the years on 78's, LP's, Cassettes, and CD's and have always adored their music. I was delighted to find this remastered Box Set of all their work, which will take pride of place in my music collection.

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Created: 09/02/10

The Beatles (Stereo Box Set/Remastered

Just love the Beatles. /The best music ever. Reminds me of my tenage years. I alwasy dance when I hear them. Bought this box set because I could not get any downloads of the original Beatles on covers. /The originals are the best.

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Created: 19/01/11

Buyers beware

This edition of Beatles Box, is advertised as Made in Japan, but it's not true! It's made in China, with replica obi strip and it's a counterfeit. Does not match the quality of the EU edition that is now selling in stores, here in Portugal at the price of 114.00 Euros. I've payed with transport £89.99=107 Euros, obviously a very bad deal, considering that Japan edition, usually are the best quality boxes, both in presentation and in sound! In this case, the quality of the pictures are horrible, they smell a lot of fresh ink, the external box dismantle easy, the interior fall apart, the overall aspect of the box is inferior quality. About the CD's, the paint in each CD, is like the pictures of cover, very unclear and fading in some points. Also the sound of the CD's is much harsh than other editions. In resume I've been stolen. This box is very good to recycle.

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Created: 10/04/10

The Beatles - The Beatles (Stereo Box Set/Remastered)

Nothing to say except truly amazing remastered genius from the greatest band of all time !
The Beatles were away ahead of their time and every track on this box proves this.

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Created: 17/05/10

beatles box set[mono] 2009 [made in japan]

very cheap price compared to made in uk box set.was suprised that the quality was as good as uk version at fraction of price.[i have an arcam cd 192 so would be able to hear difference.]

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Created: 04/07/11

it's a fake so make your choice

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

could give it a one star for being a fake with lousy picture quality or five stars for the amazing music on offer for little money - do you want packaging or music? If it's the packaging pay up, if not, grab an illegal bargain before it gets closed down.

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