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Created: 22/09/12

Embrace the power of the Ring...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Reading through the various posts, I see that the overriding theme amongst the movie's few detractors was that it was "overly long" and "boring", even prompting one poster to rename the movie "Bored of the Rings."

Well, these people clearly haven't read the books and thus are not Tolkien fans. J.R.R. Tokien's books are VERY long and descriptive, and even the hard core fan has to wade through certain elements. However, the books are thrilling, sweeping epics, microcosms of the age-old struggles between good and evil. In this context, Tolkien has created a complete alternate world, populated by humans and similarly-evolved races such as elves, dwarves and hobbits, and mixes courage, determination, love and magic to create "Middle Earth".

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring accomplishes what no film maker dared attempt in the 47 years. It encapsulates the first book of the trilogy in jaw-dropping fashion onto film. And that bears repeating: the movie is so amazing, so awe-inspiring, so wondrous that through much of the movie, I felt my jaw literally dropping open. It's THAT good.

The cast is nearly perfect: Ian McKellan *is* perfect as Gandalf the Grey. The standoff at the Bridge of Khazad-Dum will go down with the alien's tail slowly encircling Lambert in "Alien", the initial emergence of the creature from the black lagoon and other horror/fantasy epic moments as one of the all-time great scenes in cinematic history. Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Ian Holm, Cate Blanchett and the rest of the remarkable ensemble cast give the performances of their careers. The special effects, despite some that claim otherwise, leave the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout. And the good news is that since the movie has grossed over $800 million world-wide to date, the second and third installments of the trilogy will benefit with post-production special effects improvements.

If you haven't seen this movie, you've missed out, big time, unless you can find it still playing somewhere. The big screen is far and away the best place to view this masterpiece, especially sitting up close.
I saw it Nineteen times in the theaters and would see it again today if it were playing somewhere.
Guess where I was the day "The Two Towers" got released? in my local Cinema, sitting close, watching another masterpiece unfold....... Fourteen times watched.
And as for "The Return of The King" the final part of the trilogy......... Twenty three times I watched it at the Cinema.
This is truly the best and greatest Movie Trilogy ever to be made in the history of mankind.

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Created: 06/06/10

The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring

Peter Jackson's film adaptation of the first book in this trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, manages to stay almost perfectly true to the spirit of the original novel. Jackson's cut out all of the unfilmable literary texture - the limericks, the irrelevant characters, the slow build-up of detail - so this film gets right to the story and keeps the action moving all the way through. But lest fans get too upset, he's managed to replace much of that literary texture with its equivalent in visual, production design texture. So this film FEELS like the world we pictured in our heads as we read the novels. Better still, the casting here is magnificent. Ian McKellen simply IS the wizard Gandalf. While Elijah Wood might have seemed an unlikely choice to play Frodo Baggins at first, he proves in this film that he's more than up to the task, infusing the Hobbit with the perfect measure of pathos and humanity. And the supporting cast delivers in spades as well, including the likes of Viggo Mortensen, Sean Austin, Cate Blanchette, John Rhyes-Davies, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee... the list is long and without a single weak link. Even Liv Tyler manages to hold her own here, and that's saying something. Simply put, this is absolutely one of THE best film of 2001.

And now it's been made even better in this extended DVD version, with the addition of some 30 minutes of footage that was cut to save time during the film's theatrical run. The new footage includes (but is not limited to) a much extended opening with Bilbo writing his memoirs, a new introduction to Samwise Gamgee, a scene at the Green Dragon Inn, the Hobbits witnessing the departure of the Elves from Middle Earth on the way to Bree, Aragorn singing the ballad of Beren and Luthien, Aragorn at his mother's grave, new moments during the departure from Rivendale in which we see Arwen's emotional reaction to Aragorn's leaving as well as Elrond seeing the Fellowship off, a scene in the mines of Moria in which we learn how the Dwarves unleashed the fire-demon, Galadriel's complete gift-giving scene at Lothlorien and more footage of the battle at Amon Hen.

All that would be impressive enough. But there are also many smaller scenes, scene extensions and additional brief moments that have been added in throughout the length of the film. The cumulative effect is to make this film seem vastly more epic in scope - something I would never have guessed possible. There's a greater sense of distance to the Fellowship's journey, with many more points of interest along the way. We get to learn much more about Hobbits in the new opening, and there's more interaction between Frodo and Bilbo, which illuminates their fond relationship. You see that Gollum has continued to follow the Fellowship after leaving Moria. Lothlorien is depicted in much greater detail. The battle scenes are all much more intense now, and several characters are given added moments that make them feel more rounded, particularly Boromir (his last stand is now much more heroic and emotional). There's more humor in this cut. And the new footage adds significant texture and depth to the film - particularly welcome as much of this directly references material in the original book. The result, ultimately, is a much more satisfying viewing experience. I have no doubt that those who disliked the film because it was too long will bemoan the new version. But for fans, if you liked Fellowship in its theatrical form, you will absolutely love this.

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Created: 24/07/06

Product in excellent cond. Brand New!

I had the video of this film, but the tape was already showing fuzzy lines. DVD's last and last, and not fuzzy lines and better picture quality. My whole family love the LOTR's Trilogy, and it's an excellent collection to have, a great deal of entertainment on days when kids are ill, and nothing on the TV to watch, keeps you enthralled. Never get fed up of watching it. It also takes one a way to another place for a short while, an escape (if you like), from the stress of work, etc. I can switch off for a bit, and just relax, and enjoy the film - It's great, I love it!

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Created: 03/09/06

The One Ring has been found

The Fellowship of the Ring is the first of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, masterfully directed by Peter Jackson. The story follows on from J R R Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' in which Bilbo Baggins finds 'The One Ring' during an adventure with a group of dwarves, co-ordinated by the wizard, Gandalf the Grey. The Fellowhip of the Ring itself starts off with the passing of the Ring to Bilbo's nephew, Frodo Baggins. But it is only after much persuasion from Gandalf that Bilbo finally gives it up, as the Ring seems to have become an obsession to teh old Hobbit - an obsession that troubles the wizard deeply.

Gandalf does some investigating and together he and Frodo discover that this is in deed The One Ring, forged by the dark lord, Sauron, to dominate the will of life on Middle-Earth.......

This is the special edition of Peter Jackson's movie and so contains additional and, in some places, alternate scenes to the original movie. All of this helps to draw you deeper into the magical world of Middle-Earth, and helps explain certain things that were not clear in the original cut.

There are some masterful performances, most notably from Sir Ian McKellen, as Gandalf the Grey, as well as Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Ian Holm (Bilbo), Vigo Mortenson (Aragorn) and Sean Bean (Boromir).

Liv Tyler also plays a good part as the elf, Arwen Evenstar, daughter of Elrond of Rivendell, although it is with this character that it is noticeable that jackson deviates from the original novel, for whatever unexplained reason. We first meet Arwen as the Hobbits Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry are travelling with Aragorn (then known as Strider) to Rivendell. Arwen meets the travellers in the forest and makes a daring ride for Rivendell with a mortally wounded Frodo, persued by teh Black Riders (or Nazgul), servents of Sauron that inflicted the wound upon teh Hobbit. This is also the first deviation from the book in regards to Arwen, as originally they are met by a male elf named Glorfindel, and it is not until the travellers reach Rivendell that Arwen is introduced.

These inconsistencies with Arwen are present throughout the trilogy, and seem to have been written as such to give the beautiful Liv Tyler a larger part - and who can blame Jackson for that? Although not steadfastly in line with the books, it does not detract from the enjoyment of the film.

The film itself is spread out across 2 DVDs - which causes a mild annoyance when you have to get up and switch disks - however we used to have to do this regularly at the cinema, so I suggest that you just stock up and choc-ices and get the kettle brewing through this interlude!

The other 2 DVDs contained within the set contain the Special Features - documentaries on the history of Middle-Earth, teh making of teh movie - actor interviews. All add to the already wonderful package that the film is in its own right.

A superb film containing excellent actors, amazing scenery and superb special effects, and all packaged excellently as this DVD Special Edition. Compulsory viewing!

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Created: 30/01/07

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

I have always rated the books highly and read them a number of times. The original animated version of the film was a terrible disappointment, so I did not expect too much when I went to see this film in the cinema. I was wrong it was great. Yet even so I felt the books were so much better. The editting had left parts of the story out and didn't really give a flavour of the hobbiton as described in the book. This dvd contained the extended version of the film and although, not all of my favourite bits had got back in (I missed the barrow wights and Tom Bombadil) the extra bits that were added filled in a lot of the holes left from the cinema version. Very good well worth seeing again.

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Created: 09/08/10

lotr the fellowship

this is an excellent movie and is well worth the cheap amount to get it. It is the first of three brilliant movies and i recommend them all if you want good movies get these ones not that star wars crap.

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Created: 30/07/07

A wonderfull Start To A Great Journey

Watching the 2 disc appendices gives the viewer an appreciation of how creative and wholehearted the work was that went into making the film. It is so well presented that one feels as if he has participated in the making of the film. The dedication of the cast and crew can be not only seen but felt as every detail is thought over. You feel that it is a start of a long journey everyone involved is eager and proud to make. A must see for all Lord Of The Rings fans.

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Created: 07/04/07

LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

If you've got an imagination and enjoy seeing the battle of good vs evil and the struggles that go with that fight, this has to be one of the very best stories ever told and now captured on film. You cannot say you have a collection of movies unless you have this in your collection. 10 out of 10!

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Created: 01/02/07

A great beginning!

The first in the excellent triolgy of the Lord of the Rings.
Peter Jackson as director has captured so much of the realism of the book in his film. It is great to see on screen what has only been read before. OK. He misses out some sections, but that's only to be expected with such a large project. Then there is the extras DVDs. A mine of information, particularly about filming large and small people together!
A great set if you want to fully explore this literary treasure!

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Created: 11/02/11

Brilliant for any lord of the ring fan

this gives you the chance to see deleted sences and to see how the movie is made. Also in the extras it tells you a lot about the books and loads more. This would make a great gift for any lord of the rings fan or just people that enjoy the movie. It is a must have item.

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