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Good sound quality95% agree

Easy to use95% agree

Long battery life91% agree

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Older type still great

I wanted an older iPod nano and choose to buy the 3rd generation with the silver back, although my one has a few scrapes and dents none of these interfere with the working of the iPod, the battery holds a charge and to date I have only once charged it, and for me I bought it to use in the car but it could be used on a daily basis with a pair of wired headphones. The quality of the sound is as good as my 5th generation if not better, all the controls are as crisp as if it was new, very pleased with my purchase.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: gadgetre


Nice size, nice capacity, nice feel, nice look nice all round!

Love the shape of this little ipod. Also the capacity - much improved on my old shuffle. Have not got to grips with any of the video stuff yet - I mainly bought this for the mp3 side and also podcasts. If only I did not have to go to Itunes to upload videos and podcasts to the correct places on the player - I have an alternative piece of software but it just is not straightforward to upload different kinds of things. That said, I am more than happy with this - for someone nearly 60 years old it is perfect for most of my music stash!Read full review...


FAKE and WASTE of time!!

Purchased thinking I would be getting a bargain but as iPods go (This ISN'T an iPod!!) I was sadly mistaken. My only ideas's are that A: The Seller manafactured this and has been caught out because i know what TRUE ipods look like and have spotted it is a fake OR B: They were sold this from another seller and were caught like me and offered it on. They CLAIM the only issue is the software (iTunes never an issue for me on my last Nano before it was stolen :( ) however after investigating I found that the serial number (after phoning Apple directly) is FAKE as well, so its not even a legitimate shell!! The actual software you get to view makes it look like an old Amstrad CPC 464 (Google it) colour screen video game and I could not play or access any muisc/video/pictures. The seller refuses to return OR refund the MP3 player (Isnt an ipod so wont disgrace the Apple name anymore) even threatening to QUIT eBay if they are made to do so! Well i hope THEY DO QUIT becasue they clearly are either counterfitters OR stupid and unlucky like me and with no conciounce!! I have since formatted it to try and use it as an 8 gb external harddrive but even this presents issues!!

Stay Well Clear of THIS seller ** Turbo0179 ** Enough said!
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Design Classic

In my view, the 3rd generation iPod Nano is the best. Sure, the latest generation has Bluetooth and a touch screen. So does every smartphone. What makes this special is the classic design and how well made it is. It feels good to hold. No surprise that there are still many going strong 10 years on.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: trebor1111



Works great with no problems to the controls or screen. Has a long battery-life and is easy to use.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: weaver1992


used it for the screen all working fine just the job

Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: electronicselle...


it is perfect for me

It may not be the latest model, but I actually prefer the old size and it has quite enough features for my requirements.



Excellent value and performance !


I would definitely buy it again and recomend to my friends.

I loved the Apple iPod nano 3rd Generation light blue 8gb.
I used to listen a music and watch movies and series too.
And my favorite game Klondyke ive played it at least 100times. The only thing is, tht as it been refurbished after 2months it died. :(Read full review...


good deal

I was looking for am mp3 player to use whilst at the gym, I have an iPod nano 4g but felt additioanl capacity would be better fr a wider selection of music to listen to daily. This little beuty is in excellent condition with new phones and usb.Read full review...

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