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From May with love

Fantastic album by the great Dr Brian May! His great solo. The album is rich with the "Queen" sound and soul, but enhanced with great originality and the touch of the Brian May guitar! A must have for those who love soft poetry and metallic vibes!Read full review...

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Back to the Light - 12 great tracks

Atmospheric opening sets the hair on the back of my neck standing and leads into a quality album, a nice message from Brian May is included in the CD card and Cozy Powell's influence is apparent despite May's words, with two of Powells own tracks being beautifully revamped for this album. This is a masterpiece of British Rock Music by a class group of musicians led by Brian May who proves here how much influence he obviously had in Queen. Even much later the quality and class of this album is obvious and it is amazing that it can be snapped up on ebay so cheaply! Grab a copy whilst it is cheap, if you are reading this reveiw you are interested - so do it you will not be dissapointed. If you don't already know it check out the live version of Resurrection parts 1 and 2 via Neil Murray who played bass on some of the tracks.Read full review...


Great album of brilliant rock guitar playing.

Excellent album, Queen-style(naturally)guitar action. 18 years after it's release it still sounds fresh. Brian May has a style all his own, and it's brilliant guitar playing. His vocals aren't bad either.
If you love Queen you will love this album, although it's more straight-forward, and not as ambitious as Queen albums tend to be.
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decent offering

not a bad album at all easy to listen to driven by you never fails to put a smile on my face, like quite alot of the alnbum sounds a hell of a lot like queen-as you would expect given the timing of its release soon after the death of freddie. brain may certainly holds his own and i wish he would stick to this sort of thing rather than pimping queens name with paul rodgers some things should be left alone and queen without freddie is one of them!!but a good album pick it up cheap and play it loud!stick driven by you in our car on a summers day and you ll be smiling like a hyenaRead full review...


Perfect in every way,including packaging

my music,found it difficult to obtian,purchase made soley that i had a gut instinct i was dealing with a TRUE ebayer,my instincts were corrct.would deal with this member again with no hesitation.


brian may back to the light cd

this was his 1st solo album and is superb.i lost my last one and saw it for offer .bid and got it so cheap .well pleased


Brian May - Excellent CD

Love the band queen and its subsideries. A great solo album. Easy listening. Superb track number 9. Last Horizon. great guitar solo.



if your a Queen fan, then this is right up your alley. Brian delivers his first solo record after freddies death and it stands up as a great rocking album with some lovely ballads thrown in. John Deacon from Queen even makes an appearance on 1 song. Just a shame that Freddie had dies by the time this record was released. Most of the album just sounds similar to the hard rocking Queen stuff like Driven by you or Love token. Queen fan? Get it!!!Read full review...


A must for fans of queen and rock alike

This is my first review of anything so please bear with me.
I have always liked Brian May's guitar work and prefer instrumentals to vocals usually.Although this is not an instrumental album the sections are longer than normal and Brian has incorporated many different styles and types of music into the tracks.the Queen sound is quite obvious on some tracks and at times you can imagine Freddy Mercury singing alongside him.I wasn't really looking for Brian May when I bought it ,I just read someone elses review and thought I'd risk it and I'm glad I did.Read full review...


On Form Mr. May

Nice CD with traces of Queen still to be found - although he doesn't seem keen to admit to this. True, nonetheless and no bad thing !

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