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As described,plugged it in and hay presto up and running.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: greenteaandchoccy


worth avoiding unless you want a slow unreliable mass storage drive...

Definitely not the best HDD available at the moment. I've had 2 of these from different sellers and both failed with SMART errors coming up in windows & BIOS within about 24 hours of installation, which was pretty disappointing. So in terms of reliability it's a serious fail. Before failure the read/write speeds I was getting were pretty poor, although slightly better than the comparable Western Digital WD20EARX. This is basically a slow storage drive, probably ok for bulk media storage, but the slow write speed (I got 14 MB/s maximum) makes it a pain in the ass to initially write the data to. That is of course assuming that the drive you get doesn't fail almost immediately...Read full review...


great product and great value for money

Product highly recommended by friend and I bought it and Iam very satisfied with it and it is great product and value for money and great product and I will not hesitate recommend.


Great drive for a media center

I'm a great fan of Samsung drives, having had them since the 250gb days - this drive I bought to put into my media center machine and it's working brilliantly.

The drive itself is quiet and that helps with a media center.Read full review...


amazing product, I would pick up another if I had the cash

Very happy with purchase, I needed large quantity for a reasonable price and with good performance. So far so good, and this particular hard drive seems to be superior to all others I have had in the past.Read full review...


Value for money. Big on space and works wonderfully

One of the cheapest and most reliable hard drive on the market. I own 4 over the last 2 years. Highly recommend warranty just in case anything happens. Hard drives are hard drives. They fail some day. I use two for external hard drives, plugged in bare via USB2 and the other two for NAS. I store videos and photos and lots of documents and files.

Big Storage

Has an interesting start-up noise
Not extremely quiet but does not bother

I highly recommend this hard drive.
Read full review...


Fantastic drive at an affordable price

Fantastic HDD. I may get another one IF I manage to fill this one. Seems a reliable and quick drive when installing programs and data transfer. I am very happy with this purchase.


Any words higher then Awesome...will go with Awesome

Aweseome product, service was amazing, am very happy with the drive, definatley recommend the product, works brilliantly, thanks again


Early days but excellent drive so far!

Plenty fast enough for external storage, very quiet (can't even hear it!), Samsung quality. Get one! Get two!!!


good for storage on the whole

a nice simple sata 2 hard drive, such a pitty its only 5400rpm, having said that, surprisingly quick agains the 7200rpm drives.

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