Digital Services Act

What is the Digital Services Act

The European Commission adopted the Digital Services Act to provide a safe and accountable online environment for consumers. Digital platforms including online marketplaces like eBay are required to comply with regulations that aim to increase accountability, consumer protection, and transparency.

Here’s what you need to know

If you’re a registered business seller with listings available for purchase to buyers in the European Union, your listings will be subject to the rules established by the Digital Services Act. Currently, your business contact information is displayed on listings that are available for purchase by EU buyers.

Customise your business contact details

To make things easier, we’ve updated how sellers customise their contact details (phone number and email address) that are displayed on listings available to EU buyers. Our user-friendly interface is designed to pre-populate the contact details you provided when you registered as a business, but you can also manually update these details.

  • Log into your Account Settings on My eBay.

  • Navigate to the Public business information page.

  • Add the business contact details (phone number and email) your customers can use.


If you’re registered as a business seller on eBay and have listings eligible for purchase by EU buyers, then you’ll have to provide your business information. Currently, your business seller information appears on listings available for purchase to EU buyers.

Your business name, business address, verified email and phone number, and where relevant, business registration number appear on your listings available for purchase to EU buyers. It’s recommended that you include your business's customer service contact information (phone number and email), if applicable.

Yes, you’ll be able to change your pre-populated email address and phone number.

There are no exceptions for registered business sellers. This is a regulation that online marketplaces like eBay must comply with in order to offer services to buyers in the EU.