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Use eBay's tools to help you manage, optimise and improve your listings and campaign performance.

Listing Quality Report

Get actionable listing and category recommendations with this downloadable report.

Our improvement recommendations give you concrete advice on specific listings so you can take action right away.

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Terapeak research tool

Terapeak is a data-driven research tool that helps you find out what to sell, when to sell, where to sell and at what price. You can use it to compare your performance with other sellers and other eBay sites.

The tool is available to all eBay Shop subscribers as part of their monthly subscription.

You’ll find it under the “Research” tab in Seller Hub.

Use Terapeak to research when and what to sell

Make changes to live listings

There are lots of reasons to make changes to a listing after it’s live. Perhaps you restocked an item and need to update the quantity in a listing, or you may want to add information to an item description.

Make changes to live listings

Send an offer to a buyer

If a member sends you a message about a fixed price listing, you can choose to reply with an offer to buy the item at a discounted price.

Unpaid item assistant

Unpaid item assistant automates the process of opening and closing unpaid item cases, leaving you with more time to run your business. After your specified time, a case is opened giving the buyer 4 days to pay. If they pay in this time, the case closes automatically.


Use the Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool to quickly identify which of your existing listings are missing item specifics. The tool will identify gaps, find missing values that could be elsewhere in your listing data, and help you update your listings.

How to end a listing

Although we discourage it, we understand that sometimes when you may need to cancel a listing. For example, if an item is lost, broken, or no longer available.

How to end an auction

Auction listings can only be cancelled in certain situations. If you can end your auction listing early depends on whether you already received bids, how long is left in the auction, and if you have a reserve price in place.