Coded coupons

Create and share your own discount codes for buyers.

Did you know?

Approximately 44% of listings transactions featured at least one of our promo tools*

What are coded coupons?

Coded coupons enable you to offer your buyers a discount through a coupon code. Share them publicly on eBay or privately through your own marketing channels.

How to use coded coupons

Benefits to you

  • Offer discounts to your buyers on your own terms 
  • Build your customer base by printing, sharing and sending coupons

Benefits to your customers

  • Receive a offer relevant to them
  • Be rewarded for buying again from sellers they know 
How to use coded coupons

Sharing coupons

Share publicly — on eBay
- Search results page
- On your listing page
- At checkout

Share privately — off eBay
- Print and send a coupon to buyers to incentivise another purchase
- Share your coupon on social media
- Send your coupon code to specific sellers or friends

Print. Share. Send

Create a coupon campaign. Share it with your buyers.

Encourage repeat purchases from your buyers by printing a coupon to add to your packages. Simply select “Print a coded coupon note” from the Seller Hub Orders tab.

Share your coupon codes across other marketing channels and boost your presence online. You can also share your coupons directly from the Seller Hub Marketing tab. Just remember to include a link to our buyer terms and conditions whenever you share your codes.

Send your buyers a private coded coupon directly from our Seller Hub Order tab or using the Buyer group function. 


  • Protect your margins and control your budget by using an expiry date or minimum spend on your coupons.

Share coded coupons on social media

Social media is a powerful entry point to the eBay platform for your prospective buyers. Sharing on social provides the opportunity to further the reach of your items, sales, stores and promotions.

  • 58.4% of the global population are active social media users**
  • 84.3% of the UK population are active social media users***
  • 43.5% of internet users globally research brand and products on social media****

Reach new buyers: Share coupons through social media to begin long-term engagement with new customers.

Drive repeat purchases: Share coupons to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty. You might also persuade customers to come back to your shop if they haven’t visited for a while.

Sharing features Captions: Write your own caption or message to accompany your post when sharing.

Shareable link: Each coupon has a shareable link, making posting to other platforms quick and easy.

New features coming soon! Watch this space...

Easy to share

  1. Use the pop-up to share your coupon on social media as soon as you launch.
  2. Share anytime from Seller Hub. Navigate to the ‘Actions’ column on the Marketing tab and click ‘Share’ in the drop-down menu.
  3. Share from your dedicated coupon page featuring all items valid with that coupon.

Buyer groups

Use buyer groups to send your coded coupons to specific groups of buyers. Find out more about the benefits of buyer groups and how to create one.

Create and customise your coupon codes


Offer a set price reduction:


£10 off over £50. Ends 31 May 2022. Ts&Cs apply.

Offer a percentage discount:

20% OFF

Min spend £20. Max discount £40. Ends 30 Sep 2022. Ts&Cs apply.

Make a multi-item offer:


Ends 30 Sep 2022. Ts&Cs apply.

Set-up is easy in Seller Hub

Log into Seller Hub


Generate your desired code


Set requirements (e.g. type of discount and budget)


Pick your inventory and launch

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