Order Discount

Encourage customers to increase their order size with reduced prices for higher quantities or orders over a certain threshold.

Did you know?

Approximately 44% of listings transactions featured at least one of our promo tools*

Benefits to you

  • Encourage your buyers to buy more in the same order 
  • Make your listings stand-out 
  • Save on postage costs

Benefits to your customers

  • Mix and match items from the same seller 
  • Save on postage costs

Why use Order Discount?

Order Discount is a great option when you are selling items that are complementary to each other, such as chairs with a table, or accessories with clothes.

Your options

  • Quantity discount - Buy two and get a third free
  • Threshold discount - Spend over £100 and get 20% off

We know that complementary items perform well when they are sold together. Buyers are encouraged to purchase more from your inventory in one order.

Offers you can easily set up in Seller Hub:

  • Save £10 when you spend £100 or more
  • Save 20% when you spend £100 or more
  • Buy 3 and get 1 of the items free
  • Buy 3 items, get 20% off

How to set up Order Discount campaigns:

  1. Go to the Marketing Tab in Seller Hub and select Promotions
  2. Select Create a promotion > Order Discount
  3. Select your category and objective (e.g. introduce new items, attract buyers at peak shopping times, move older items) and eBay will recommend some promotions.
  4. Select your offer type.
  5. You will be asked how you want to apply the offer to your items. You can choose to Select items or Create rules: 
    - Select items: Select individual items to include in your promotion.
    - Create rules: Automatically select items based on category and price. Offers can be made conditional or unconditional.
  6. Use eBay listing categories or your personal Shop categories to filter your items.
  7. Review your offer: Give your offer a name, duration, description, and offer image and you are ready to launch your promotion! Ensure that your image reflects your promotion as this cannot be changed once the promotion has started.
  8. Sales event page: Display the items included in your promotion on your own Sales Event page. You can actively market this page to give buyers an easy overview. 

Visibility on desktop

To provide a better shopping experience for buyers, the most relevant promotions are shown more prominently on desktop. Offers with low relevance to the buyer will be displayed lower on the view item page (mobile, search results page and shopping basket are not affected). By following our best practice guidelines you can give your offers a better chance of being displayed more prominently on the view item page.


Go to Seller Hub > Marketing Tools > Create a promotion > Select Order Discou

If you have listings in multiple currencies and choose to discount by a set amount rather than a percentage, the discount will apply in the currency of the site where the promotion is hosted. 

For example, a discount entered as ‘5’ will register as £5 on eBay.co.uk and as $5 on eBay.com.

*eBay internal data, business seller transactions Q1 2021, US, UK, DE, FRITES, seller hub promotions (multi-buy, order discount, sale event, offer to buyer, and best offer).