Improvements to our payment dispute process

What you need to know

We’ve improved the process of submitting information when challenging a payment dispute. A payment dispute is when a buyer requests reimbursement for the amount paid for an eBay transaction directly from their payment institution (e.g., bank, credit card company, PayPal etc.). After listening to your feedback, we’ve made some updates to help resolve these scenarios.

Improvements to the experience

We’ve made the following improvements: 

  1. Sellers now have the ability to add details by providing up to 1000 characters of text to explain their reasoning for challenging a payment dispute.
  2. Sellers can now upload up to 5 separate files of information such as tracking details, postage labels, messages, and photos. Previously, only a single file could be uploaded, which meant that multiple files had to be combined into one.  

We’ll share the information you provide with the buyer’s payment institution so that they can challenge the payment dispute. The information you submit may also improve your chances of qualifying for seller protections.


You can add up to 1000 characters to help explain your reason for challenging a payment dispute.

You can upload up to 5 separate files of supporting documentation such as proof of delivery/signature confirmation, postage labels, messages, and photos. Due to file size limitations from payment institutions, the total size for all files must be 1.75 MB or less. We automatically compress your files to help you stay under the limit.

We’ll submit the material you provide along with any relevant information already available on eBay to the buyer's payment institution to help defend the dispute. We may also use the information to determine whether the dispute is eligible for seller protections.

Providing additional evidence may help demonstrate that the buyer isn’t entitled to reimbursement for the dispute. Learn more about handling payment disputes for information on what to include when you challenge a dispute.

Yes. If you’re eligible for seller protections, we’ll consider the documentation you’ve uploaded during the payment dispute process.

You have 5 calendar days to respond to a payment dispute. You can view payment disputes in My eBay Sold or Requests and disputes in Seller Hub. 

In some cases, we may respond to a payment dispute on your behalf with the internal information we have related to the transaction.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to provide any additional relevant information that wasn’t previously shared. Additional supporting documentation or text may help the buyer’s payment institution make a decision on the payment dispute.