Generative AI-enabled description and background


We’re rolling out new features to empower you to create eye-catching listings more efficiently than ever. These features are already live for some sellers, and will be gradually rolling out across eBay in the coming weeks and months: 

  • AI-generated item descriptions 
  • Improved background removal tool

What you need to know

Our goal is to build an intuitive, effortless listing experience that helps you get your items up and running as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we’re rolling out new AI-powered features to help you create high-quality listings that showcase your items, starting with item descriptions and photos. 

AI-generated item descriptions 

AI-powered item descriptions are now available to all UK sellers listing in the majority of categories on the eBay app. This new feature can save you time by suggesting an attention-grabbing item description at the touch of a button. You can use the suggested description as-is, or easily customise it to add more detail, adjust for accuracy, or fit your business’ unique voice. Try it out today to get your listings up and running faster than ever before. We’ll be expanding this feature to desktop in the coming months.

Improved background removal tool  

We’re upgrading our background removal tool, making it easier than ever to showcase your item on a white background and increase your listing’s chances of standing out. 

With just one tap, our improved tool will seamlessly create a white background for your item image, without the need for any manual editing or touching up. The improved background removal tool is already available to all sellers in the eBay app and anywhere you use the advanced listing tool, and will be expanded to desktop in the coming weeks. 

Next steps

To access AI-generated descriptions or the improved background removal tool just look for both of these features when you list on the latest version of the eBay app on your mobile devices. You’ll see these features become available across the eBay platform in the coming weeks and months. 

Our goal is to make it easier and faster to create listings that stand out, and we’re continuing to explore how AI-powered tools and features can help you work more efficiently. Keep an eye out for more time-saving features to come. 


They are available in most categories, and we’ll continue to roll out this capability across additional categories over the next few months.

Our goal is to put industry-leading tools at your fingertips to streamline how you list. While these new features can assist in suggesting listing details, AI doesn’t always get it right. It's important to double-check and ensure all information is correct before your listing goes live. Remember, sellers are responsible for checking the accuracy of their listings.

This feature creates a unique description each time it’s used, based on information in your listing. That means it’s extremely unlikely for it to generate multiple identical descriptions. However, as always, if you see an issue, please contact us to report it.

Currently, AI-generated descriptions are only available in the eBay app. Improved background removal is available in the app and anywhere you use the new advanced listing tool.  We’re working towards rolling these new features out across all platforms. 

Yes. AI-powered descriptions and improved background removal can be used to update an existing listing through the eBay app. Improved background removal can also be used to update existing listings through the advanced listing tool. Just edit the listing as usual to access these features.

Our new background-removal tool is designed to create images with no need for editing or touch-ups. You can reject the changes, but once you apply and save them, you won’t be able to revert to your original image. You’ll still be able to crop, rotate, and change the contrast after using background removal.

AI-generated descriptions and the improved background removal tool are optional. You’ll still be able to enter your own listing description or edit the AI-generated description, as well as upload images without using the background removal tool.