Sell faster with new Active Listings features

New “Sell it faster” recommendations on your Active Listings tab and easier access to creating sale events.

What you need to know

We’re committed to simplifying how you sell. That’s why we’re bringing more selling tools and tips right to your Seller Hub Active Listings tab and the eBay app.

Sellers with a Shop subscription can now seamlessly create markdown sale events directly from the Active Listings tab. Plus, all sellers will start seeing personalised recommendations on the Active Listings tab, with actionable tips to help you sell your items faster.

Create sale events from Active Listings and the eBay app

As an eBay Shop subscriber, you already have access to a variety of great promotional tools, including markdown sale events. Now, eBay Shop subscribers can create sale events and add items to existing sale events directly from the Seller Hub Active Listings tab on desktop. 

Previously, you could only create sale events from the Seller Hub Marketing tab. 

This update means you can easily and quickly identify items you want to include in a sale event and take action whilst you check on your active listings.

This feature is already available on desktop. In the coming weeks, you’ll also be able to create sale events on the eBay app when viewing your active listings, making it even easier to manage your sale events when you’re on the go.

New “Sell it faster” recommendations

All sellers will see new “Sell it faster” recommendations on your Seller Hub Active Listings tab when we identify specific listings that we think will benefit from certain actions. 

We’ve already started showing recommendations to send Offers to Buyers for eligible listings. Now, when you choose to act on these recommendations, you’ll see an updated experience that lets you set up automated offers based on considerations like category, price, and condition.

As part of our goal to simplify and empower your selling, we’re working towards giving you more data-backed “Sell it faster” recommendations, aimed at helping you improve your listing quality and run more effective marketing campaigns.

Next steps

Keep an eye on your Active Listings tab. You’ll start seeing “Sell it faster” recommendations for listings that could benefit from Offers to Buyers. Why not give these recommendations a try?

If you have a Shop subscription, try creating a sale event from your Active Listings tab next time you check on your listings.


From your Seller Hub Active Listings tab on desktop, choose either the “Actions” or “Sell it Faster” menu and select “Create Sale Event.” You can then select listings to add, and choose your sale event’s dates and percentage discount.

Remember, you’ll only see these options if you have a Shop subscription.

When you access sale events through the Active Listings tab, you’ll only be able to create sale events or add listings to an existing sale event. In order to access advanced features like rule-based sales events, or to manage, end, or delete your sale events, you'll need to use the sale events tool in the Marketing tab.

We’ll be releasing this over the coming weeks and months. It will initially be available on the iOS app, and will expand to the Android app in the coming months.

We understand that it might not be the right time for these recommendations. You can select the “Remind me later” button to snooze them for a few days. We believe these recommendations offer important insights to help your listings sell faster, so we currently don’t offer a way to permanently turn them off.