Changes to email address visibility

Since the end of August, sellers and buyers will gradually no longer be able to see each other’s email addresses.

In order to protect the privacy of buyers and sellers and as part of our efforts to combat spam and phishing attacks, we’re no longer showing buyer email addresses in your orders. Instead you’ll see an alias email address.

The change has been gradually introduced since the end of August. You can contact buyers using the alias email address and your ‘from’ email address will also be hidden by an alias email address.

eBay will still provide all the necessary information for you to conclude your contract with the buyer. This will not affect your business or eBay experience in any other way and you do not have to take any action for this change.

Your business email address will remain visible in your business information and in the contact details section of your listings.

We recommend that members always communicate with each other using eBay Messages. That way, we have a record if anything should go wrong.