Promoted Listings restrictions for Below Standard sellers

We’re now restricting Promoted Listings eligibility to Above Standard and Top-rated sellers.

Since the beginning of September, we began restricting Promoted Listings eligibility to Above Standard and Top-rated sellers. This eligibility change is a crucial step towards improving the overall quality of Promoted Listings, as we anticipate an increase in both the quality of promoted items and the buying experience for our customers.

What is changing?

With this restriction, sellers that fall Below Standard will no longer be able to use Promoted Listings and their campaigns will be automatically paused.

This restricted access prevents Below Standard sellers from creating new campaigns or editing their existing campaigns, but they will still be able to view campaign data and download reports. To restore access to Promoted Listings, these Below Standard sellers will need to become Above Standard or Top-rated, at which time their campaigns will be automatically unpaused and become eligible for display again.

Will my listings be affected?

Affected sellers will be informed on how they can regain access to Promoted Listings through various outlets, such as email communications and notifications on their Promoted Listings dashboard. 

Below Standard sellers will land on a “read-only” version of their Promoted Listings dashboard, where they will see a notification at the top of the dashboard, highlighting all the details of their Promoted Listings ineligibility and how to restore it.

A system-paused campaign status indicates a system-generated, temporary pause on Below Standard sellers’ campaigns. These campaigns will remain system-paused until sellers improve their seller level to Above Standard or Top-rated.

Next steps

  • If your account level is Above Standard or Top-rated Seller, then your listings won’t be affected by this change.
  • To check if you will be affected, go to your seller dashboard to see if your account has been evaluated as Below Standard and why. You'll see clear, actionable guidance on how to get back on track. You’ll also be able to get a detailed look as to why you’re not meeting eBay’s minimum seller standards. For more information on this, please see our dedicated seller performance standards page.