The Listing Quality Report

What is the Listing Quality Report?

The Listing Quality Report is a downloadable Excel document that provides you with analysis — at listing and category level — of your 10 categories with the most live listings.

Importantly, it provides specific actions you can take to optimise your listings and categories, with the aim of boosting your views, impressions and sales. It has been designed with input from the seller community.

Why does listing quality matter?

Improving listing quality is one key way to improve your ranking and search impressions. Fully optimised listings generally benefit from greater visibility and can help increase sales.

Video introducing the Listing Quality Report

The key benefits

What’s in the report?

1.    Get actionable recommendations to help boost search impressions, views and sales.

2.    See how you rank against your eBay competitors and sharpen your competitive edge.

3.    Google Shopping insights: We’ll tell you if and why your listings were rejected from Google Shopping ads.

  • Summary Tab: An overview of recommendations at category level. 
  • Google Shopping tab: An overview of which listings have been rejected by Google Shopping ads, and why.
  • Category tabs: Listing-level detail of each category and benchmark data to support the recommended actions.

See your action recommendations

Example category recommendations:

Improve search impressions => Fill in at least 10 recommended item specifics

Improve listing views (clicks) => Add free shipping to 12 of your listings

Improve sales conversion => Reduce your handling time to 1 day

Image of action recommendations

How do we generate the recommendations?

Good to know!

We make our recommendations by comparing your listings, in quality and content, to other listings in this category that perform well throughout the sales funnel.

It’s then up to you to decide if you wish to adopt any of these recommendations - you’re in control!

The Listing Quality Report is a new tool designed for eBay business sellers. It is constantly evolving and being improved in line with seller feedback.

It currently only covers buy-it-now items and single SKU listings. But watch this space for changes and updates!