Professional listing optimisation

Enhance and optimise your listings in the search result pages

Add a subtitle

Help your item stand out in the search results with an additional line of text that appears under your listing title in search results and on the listing itself. Use descriptive keywords that provide additional information on what you’re selling and the kind of words buyers are likely to search for.

For example:

[Title]:Gorgeous faux pearl and Rhinestone earrings

[Subtitle]: Brand new. Fast delivery. 100% money back guarantee

Add a subtitle

Add larger images with Gallery Plus

For a small extra charge you can catch buyers’ attention with larger images of your listing as it appears in the search results. Potential buyers see the larger images when they move a mouse over your listing's thumbnail picture.

Gallery plus offers:

  • An image up to 400 x 400 pixels displayed over the item in search results. Without Gallery Plus, your image is shown at the standard 96 pixels.
  • A magnifying glass icon and Enlarge link.
  • If you’ve multiple pictures, you can access all of them from the search results.
Add larger images with Gallery Plus

Best offer

You can add Best Offer for free to your Fixed Price or your Auction format listings. Adding the Best Offer feature  to your listings invites potential buyers to negotiate and purchase. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. If a potential buyer contacts you about your item or is watching your item, you can also send them a private customised offer.

List in 2 categories

For slightly higher Final value fees, you have the option to list your item in 2 categories and reach even more potential buyers. Your item needs to be fully relevant to both categories. For example, you could list a vintage table from Japan in both the Asian Antiques category and the Antiques > Furniture category.

Buy it now

Give your buyers the option to purchase before an auction-style listing ends, for a set price. A ‘Buy it now’ price increases your chances of a quick sale for a price you are happy with.

Set a reserve price

Set a reserve price to ensure your items won’t be sold if bids don’t reach that amount. For a small fee, this feature gives you peace of mind because your item won’t be sold for less than you’re willing to sell it for.