Introducing New Coded Coupons

What you need to know

The new Coded Coupons tool, available through the Seller Hub Promotions throughout spring, will give you a new option to offer discounts to your buyers both on and off the eBay platform with a coupon code. 

We’re introducing a new way to offer your buyers a discount with Coded Coupons throughout spring 2021. Available to shop subscribers through the Seller Hub Marketing tab, you can create coupon codes that can be shared either publicly in a number of places on, or privately through your own marketing channels. This new discount option will replace the codeless coupons previously offered.

How do Coded Coupons work?

This new tool allows you to create a coupon code that your customers can apply at the checkout. For example, you could create a “£10 off” code, such as “UPDATE10”, and show it as a banner on the View Item page, on the cart page and at checkout.

You could also send a physical coupon to your customers in your parcels, such as “REPEAT10” for “£10 off your next purchase on our eBay shop” by using the “Print a coded coupon note” option from the Seller Hub order tab.

When you create a coupon in Seller Hub, you’ll be guided step by step to set up your coupon campaign:

  1. Generate the code you want to use and give your campaign a name.
  2. Choose the type of discount you want to offer - an amount off, a percentage off or a quantity discount such as “buy one, get one free”.
  3. Any requirements - such as a minimum order spend or a maximum number of uses for the coupon. 
  4. Whether you want to keep the coupon private or publicly available.
  5. Your maximum budget for the promotional campaign and other monetary conditions: eBay coupons are free to use for sellers - there is no charge per buyer using the coupon at checkout.
  6. Which of your inventory is eligible for the promotion.
  7. Add an image to the campaign that will tell your buyers more about it.
  8. Set your start and end dates for the discount.

Why and when should I use Coded Coupons?

With our suite of promotional tools, you may want to think tactically about when to use each option. Coded Coupons offer you control over your budget and flexibility in how you run your campaigns. Coded coupons may be the right choice if you want to:

  • Offer a discount to specific customers instead of adjusting the price of your items
  • Limit the budget on your campaign - when your budget is reached, your promotion will no longer be seen by your customers
  • Send a printed coupon code note in your order to encourage repeat purchases from your buyers.

Control your campaign by:

  • Setting a beginning and end date to your coupon promotion
  • Deciding on a maximum budget
  • Setting conditions such as minimum spend or a limited number of times a customer can use the coupon 
  • Choosing whether to offer your discounts to all buyers visiting your listing or at checkout (“public coupon”), or to offer a “Private coupon” that isn't shown on but can be shared with your customers in other marketing channels.

Next steps

Keep an eye out for the new Coded Coupons option to be available as a new promotion type when creating a new promotional campaign. Go to Seller Hub, click Create a Promotion and then click Coded Coupon.