International returns

When selling internationally it is important to make sure you’re compliant with all international selling laws, including requirements for returns.

According to the EU Consumer Rights Directive, consumers (buyers) can withdraw from most distance transactions with business sellers within a set time frame ('cooling off period') without penalty and without giving any reason.

Be sure to include in your returns policies:

  • The time period that a buyer has to notify you that they want to cancel the transaction
  • How the refund is issued
  • Who pays the return postage


  • The buyer has the right to a refund, repair or replacement if an item doesn't meet certain criteria.
  • You're likely to be required to refund or replace items that are lost or damaged in the post.

We recommend you seek legal advice if you’re unclear on how to create a compliant returns policy for a country.

International buyer and seller protection

In addition to local laws and guidelines around returns, when selling internationally, both you and your buyers may be protected by one of our programmes based on the site on which the transaction took place.

Even when selling in countries where you’re not legally obliged to offer returns, the buyer may still be entitled to a refund if they don’t receive the item or the item is faulty, by opening a case in the Resolution Centre of the country the item was sold in.

For example, if you're a UK-based seller listing on (France), your buyers are protected by eBay Money Back Guarantee in France.

Buyer protection programmes by country

France | Germany | Italy | Spain | USA | Canada (English / French) | Australia

Resolution Centres by country

Austria | Belgium (French / Dutch) | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Spain | Switzerland | USA | Canada (English / French) | Australia

Seller protection programmes by country

When you sell on our sites in Canada, Germany, the UK and the US you can enjoy our comprehensive eBay Seller Protection. It covers:

  • Protection from bad buyer behaviour
  • Feedback and detailed seller ratings
  • Unpaid items
  • Cases

Seller protection policies: Canada (English / French) | Germany | UK | USA

On our other international sites the programmes may vary slightly.