Sell your car or motorcycle

Selling a vehicle on eBay is much like selling anything else. There are just a few extra things to bear in mind to make sure you find the right buyer for your car or motorcycle.

eBay Motors is our dedicated site where buyers can browse thousands of cars and motorcycles. You don’t need to go to eBay Motors to sell a vehicle - we’ll help you add the right information to your listings to ensure eBay Motors buyers can find what you’ve got to sell.

If you’re a VAT registered motor dealer and you’re looking to sell your vehicles on eBay, you can list on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. You could also benefit from exposing your stock to our wider eBay Motors Group network of sites. You can learn more about this here.

Creating a listing for a car or motorcycle

You create your listing similarly to how you would for any other sale. Read our guide to creating the perfect listing if you need guidance.

After you’ve told us what you’re selling and chosen the right category, you’ll be able to enter your vehicle’s vehicle registration mark (VRM) - the numbers and letters on the licence plate.

This helps us locate your vehicle in the catalogue and is by far the easiest way of making sure your listing is complete.

Search for your vehicle and select Show details to view the catalogue information for that car or motorcycle. This information will be automatically added to your listings when you select Sell yours.

If you don’t have your VRM to hand, select Continue listing without using our catalogue to proceed.

Add item specifics

It’s important to add as many item specifics as you can, whatever you’re selling.

They allow potential car buyers to refine their search by vehicle age, mileage, whether it has an automatic or manual transmission and many other factors.

Adding all item specifics accurately will increase the chances of finding a buyer who is looking for exactly what you’re selling. Inaccurate item specifics are misleading and may contravene our item description policy.

Classified ads

You can advertise a vehicle on eBay just as you'd use a traditional classified ad. You state your price, the buyer contacts you and you handle the transaction personally. There's no bidding on a Classified ad. See Choose the right listing format and price for more information.