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When you sell on eBay, you have access to a variety of benefits that you can’t get with many online marketplaces or classified ad sites, such as marketing and advertising tools, seller protection and a customer support team. 

To deliver all of these benefits, we charge a fee based on your success: you pay only when you sell.

What fees you’ll pay

Final value fee

The final value fee is charged only when your item sells on eBay, and the percentage depends on the category of item. Final value fees are paid on total cost, including postage.

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Insertion fee

One of the two main fees for listing and selling on eBay is the insertion fee. It is non-refundable, and the amount you’re charged will depend on the monthly fee entitlement you can benefit from as part of your store subscription. There are also a variety of solutions to list for free on eBay.

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Shop subscriptions

Having a shop subscription provides you with a series of benefits, such as reduced fees, the ability to sell abroad at low cost and access to our range of promotional tools.

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eBay Concierge

If you subscribe to an Anchor Shop, you'll receive an invitation to eBay Concierge, a free, enhanced level of service to selected sellers to make selling easier.

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Optional listing upgrades

Certain listing features, like adding a subtitle, do incur an additional fee, but these optional listing upgrades can help your items stand out and attract more buyers.

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Promoted Listings

With Promoted Listings you can spotlight your listings in prominent locations across the eBay platform and give them a visibility boost over your competitors.

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Classified Ad listing format

With a Classified Ad, the listing fee varies by category. You state a price, the buyer contacts you, and together you finalise the transaction outside of the eBay platform.

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Other terms and conditions

We know how important it is to be clear about the fees we charge, as well as the different circumstances in which they can change.

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International selling fees

Different fees may apply when you sell your items internationally.

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How to pay your fees

We try to make it as easy as possible to keep on top of your fees. When you create a seller account, you’ll need to add an automated payment method to pay for any eBay selling fees or charges. Each month you’ll receive an invoice that breaks down exactly what you need to pay.

Find out more about eBay invoices and automated payment methods 

VAT and selling on eBay

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a business tax charged on the supply of most goods and services in the European Union (EU).

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