New Promoted Listings feature: Automated campaigns

What you need to know

Starting in April, eBay will launch automated campaigns for Promoted Listings. This feature will save you time managing your campaigns across different segments of your inventory based on the criteria you set.

What’s new?

If your inventory changes frequently and you find it tedious to create new Promoted Listings campaigns manually, Automated Campaigns will do the work for you. This new feature will automatically add or remove listings from campaigns, and adjust ad rates according to the rules that you set.

How does it work?

Start by setting rules to manage how you want to run your campaigns: 

  • Rules are created using filters, such as price or category, to determine which listings will be promoted.
  • Set and automate your ad rates to the daily suggested ad rate for each listing.
  • Once launched, listings will automatically be added or removed according to the rules you have set - this applies to new and existing listings.

Additional controls include:

  • The ability to set an ad rate cap so your ad rates never exceed the cap you set. 
  • The ability to use the suggested ad rate as a benchmark, and adjust your ad rate to be above or below it depending on your needs.

Top tips:

  • If your advertising strategy is to promote all eligible listings, leave the filters blank, choose your ad rate strategy, and launch your campaign. Now all of your listings will automatically be promoted as they are created.
  • If your ad rate strategy is to set a single ad rate, consider using that number as your ad rate cap under the Automate suggested ad rates option. This way, you’ll never go above that number, but you can capitalise on the suggested ad rates that are below it.

This makes it easier to optimise your time when managing your Promoted Listings campaigns. 

What do I have to do?

Be on the lookout for this new feature to become available on the Campaign creation page. Once it’s made accessible to you from April onwards, you’ll be able to start automating your campaigns.