Getting paid and managing your finances on eBay

What you need to know

How to get paid

When you sell on eBay you get paid directly to your bank account, and payouts are fast, simple, and secure. Find more information on payouts. As a seller, you can streamline operations with access to everything you need all in one place: consolidated fees, customised reports, refunds and returns, and simplified protections. If you use third-party tools that integrate with eBay APIs, you can manage your listings, inventory, and orders, as well as reconcile finances and issue refunds. Buyers enjoy a frictionless checkout experience, and many payment options including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and PayPal Credit. 

Here’s everything you need to know about getting paid and managing your finances on eBay.

On this page, you’ll learn:

  • How to customise your payment options on eBay and select the payout schedule that works best for you.
  • How eBay protects your and buyers’ data.
  • How to get even more out of selling and getting paid on eBay with links to helpful seller resources.

Getting paid

Choose where and when you'd like to receive your funds from a range of convenient options. Payouts are simple and streamlined.

eBay deducts selling fees and costs related to your sales from your funds prior to payout. Examples of eBay selling fees include but are not limited to: final value fees, insertion fees, Promoted Listings fees, listing upgrades fees, and shop subscription fees. Learn more about fees on eBay here.

You’ll find details of your payouts, including all related fees and selling costs, in the Reports section in Seller Hub or My eBay.

Choose or change your payout schedule

eBay offers a variety of payout schedules and you can choose the one that makes reconciliation easiest for you. Choosing a longer payout schedule means that more of the earnings that accrue between payouts may be used for expenses such as refunds and fees. You can choose to have payouts sent daily. If you prefer, you can also set your payout schedule to monthly and fortnightly, as well as weekly, to get the most of this feature.

Regardless of how the buyer pays, payouts are initiated within 1 day (excluding bank holidays) of confirming the buyer’s payment. Whilst the vast majority of users should receive the money in their account within hours of the payout being initiated, some sellers may experience longer timeframes due to their bank processing times.

Sellers that are not eligible for payouts to be initiated within 1 day will have payouts initiated within 2 days (excluding bank holidays) of confirming the buyer’s payment. We’ll continue to assess your account for more payout options in the future based on factors such as your selling performance over a period of time.

If you choose to receive payouts daily, payouts of Available funds are initiated within 1 day of confirming the buyer’s payment. In the event of a bank holiday, payouts will be initiated on the following day. Seller eligibility may vary.

If you choose to receive payouts monthly, payouts of Available funds are initiated on the first Tuesday of the calendar month.

If you choose to receive payouts fortnightly or weekly, payouts of Available funds are initiated  on Tuesdays. 

Monthly, fortnightly, and weekly payouts will include the Available funds from sales with confirmed payments through the Sunday prior to your payout date. In the event of a bank holiday, the payout will be initiated on the following day. 

You can change your payout schedule on the Payments tab in Seller Hub.

Connect or change your bank account

When you set up your eBay account for managed payments, you were asked to connect a bank account to receive your payouts. If you need to change your bank account for any reason, you may update your account information in the Payments tab in Seller Hub.

Reconciling your eBay sales transactions

Get accurate, easy-to-use statements and reports in the Payments tab in Seller Hub such as the:

  • Financial Statement: contains an overview and detailed breakdown of your monthly account activity in PDF.

  • Transaction report: contains a detailed breakdown of all your account activity for a specific period of time, including your transaction date, order number, fees and other information. You can also now download a PDF that lists every single transaction and line item for the given time period. This gives you a detailed backup to your bookkeeping software that you can easily store offline.

  • Payout report contains an overview of your payouts for a specific period of time.

Learn more about reconciling your finances.

Protecting your data

We will update the information in your eBay account with the information you shared during registration. This information allows us to send your payouts and comply with applicable laws.

Our data security procedures ensure that the information you share with us is safe. We will use and share the information you submit as described in the User Agreement, the Payments Terms of Use and the User Privacy Notice. Learn more about how eBay protects your personal information in our Security Center.

As an additional security measure, eBay also supports two-step verification. We highly recommend that sellers leverage this additional layer of security. When two-step verification is enabled, sellers must authenticate the login credentials associated with their eBay account via SMS or push notifications if they have the eBay app on their iOS or Android device. 

Learn more about adding two-step verification to your eBay account.

Helpful resources

Seller Education 

We’ve created resources to bring sellers up-to-speed quickly and efficiently—and to provide easy access to the right tools for success.

  • Seller Academy
    Want tips to help boost your sales on eBay? Check out our new eBay Seller Academy courses to increase your skills as a seller and transform your business on eBay—and, best of all, it’s free!

  • Explainer and seller tutorial videos on the eBay for Business YouTube channel
    Visit the eBay Payments Quick Tips playlist to find helpful step-by-step instructional videos with details on how to get paid, reporting and more.    


Your fees are deducted directly from your earnings when your item sells.
Learn more about fees

Help Hub

Find additional details about payouts and managing your earnings by visiting Help Hub.

FAQs - Privacy & Data security

How are you protecting my personal and business information?

We protect your data through technical, organisational and security measures to minimise risks associated with data loss, misuse, unauthorised access, and unauthorised disclosure and alteration. To this end we use firewalls and data encryption, for example, as well as physical access restrictions for our data centres and authorisation controls for data access. 

You can find further information on our data security procedures in our Security Center.

How do you handle the information I provide during and after registration?

We will verify the information you provide to us in order to comply with applicable anti-money laundering and other legal obligations. 

You can view and edit your information in the Account tab of My eBay. We will use and share the information you submit as described in the Payments Terms of Use. Learn more about how eBay protects your personal information.

FAQs - Payouts

When and how will I receive my payouts?

Payouts are initiated within 1 day*.  Any sellers not eligible will have payment initiated within two days (excluding bank holidays) of confirming the buyer’s payment. Once a payout is initiated, funds will be available in your bank account per normal bank processing times, typically within 0-4 days.

You will find details of your payouts, including all related fees and expenses, in the Reports section of Seller Hub or the Seller Dashboard section of My eBay.

*Seller eligibility may vary

Can eBay send my payouts via direct deposit to PayPal accounts?

Sellers must link a bank account (not a PayPal routing number) to receive their payouts. Please make sure you provide only a bank account, where the name, address, and business information (if applicable) on the bank account matches the name and information provided to eBay.

How will I get paid out for international sales?

If you offer to ship internationally, your listings may surface in buyer searches on supported international eBay sites  Your earnings for these sales will be disbursed in pounds sterling.

Please note, additional fees may apply if the delivery address for the item is located outside of the United Kingdom. For more details on international selling on eBay, including our Global Shipping Programme, click here.

FAQs - Buyer experience

What’s the experience like for buyers?

Buyers can use a variety of payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. Buyers can also save and store their card information for future use.

FAQs - Shipping

Can I offer postage discounts for multiple purchases?

You can offer postage discounts to customers who purchase multiple items from you. To do this, first activate the combined postage option. You can then set criteria that are automatically applied to postage costs when a buyer purchases multiple items. Offer combined postage.

FAQs - Third-party tools

May I use third-party tool integrations when I sell on eBay?

If you use third-party tools to manage your listing, inventory, and order management activities, to reconcile finances, or issue refunds, please contact your individual third-party provider regarding questions specific to their service offerings.

Does eBay offer any options for my working capital needs?

Many options for working capital loans and business financing solutions are available that are compatible with eBay managing payments. If you have existing business loans, including PayPal Working Capital, you can still register for eBay to manage your payments. 

Consider using Capital for eBay Business Sellers. Through this program, sellers can get access to flexible financing to get extra working capital  to help meet your business needs. Learn more here

YouLend Limited and affiliates provide financing for Capital for eBay Business Sellers. eBay Marketplaces GmbH is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit broking (with firm reference number 687446). Capital for eBay Business Sellers is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and eBay Marketplaces GmbH is not carrying on credit broking for which it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to Capital for eBay Business Sellers. eBay UK Limited, an eBay affiliate, may receive commission for this service. YouLend terms and conditions apply. 

FAQs - Seller protections & Buyer requests

How does eBay protect sellers?

We designed Seller protections at eBay to help you safeguard your online sales and prevent you from losing money due to chargebacks and eBay Money Back Guarantee claims. Learn more about eBay Seller Protections.

How do claims, refunds, and returns work?

You can find information on how to handle returns, refunds, and disputes in the Help Hub.

What are payment disputes?

Buyers may ask their financial institution to open a payment dispute or chargeback request if they believe there is an issue with their order. Visit our Payment dispute seller protections page for details on how seller protections work and receive guidance on how to respond to a payment dispute, evidence to provide, and when you'll be protected.  You’ll also find more information on eligibility for seller protections in a dispute.

Buyers cannot use more than one resolution method to get a refund. For example, if a buyer initiates a PayPal Purchase Protection dispute, any eBay Money Back Guarantee claims, open order cancellations, or return requests for the same transaction are immediately closed. If it is with a financial institution, the financial institution decides the final outcome of the payment dispute.