Promoted Listings expansion and rebrand

What you need to know

  • As part of the expansion of our Promoted Listings portfolio, Promoted Listings will be rebranded to Promoted Listings Standard. It’ll still remain a cost-per-sale model so you’ll only pay when you sell.

  • As recently announced globally, in late September you’ll be introduced to the beta version of our new cost-per-click campaign type, Promoted Listings Advanced. This will offer you preferred access to the top spot in search results, across eBay on desktop, mobile and on the eBay app. It will also offer keyword selection and provide you with the control you need to help increase your sales.

What’s new

With billions of listings across eBay globally, it can be hard to make sure your items are visible to the right buyers. Promoted Listings Advanced lets you bid and gain preferred access to the top spot in search results. That top spot can help you get the high visibility you want when buyers are actively searching for items like yours.

The way your sales are attributed has switched from what's called "first-click attribution" to "last-click attribution" for both Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced. This means:

  • If you participate in both types of campaigns, you will only ever see a sale attributed to the campaign that the listing was in when the last paid click occurred.

    For example:  

    • If your listing is clicked in a Promoted Listings Standard ad and then clicked and purchased through an Advanced ad, the sale will be attributed to the Advanced ad. This means you will only pay for the click on the Advanced ad.

    • If a buyer clicks on an Advanced ad, and then later purchases through a Standard ad, the sale will be attributed to the Standard ad, and you will pay the Standard ad fee. Please note, you will still be charged for every click on an Advanced ad.

If you only run a Standard campaign, you will be charged the ad rate that is in effect at the time of the buyer’s last click. For example, if a buyer clicks on your Promoted Listings Standard ad when the ad rate is 5%, then later clicks the ad again when you’ve changed the ad rate to 4%, and then makes a purchase within the 30-day attribution window, you will pay the 4% ad rate in effect at the time of that last click.

How Promoted Listings Advanced works

Promoted Listings Advanced is based on a cost-per-click model. You start by deciding how much each keyword and click is worth to you. Then you bid to target placements at the top of eBay search results. This shows your listings to buyers right when they need them. 

With this new type of campaign, you’ll be able to:

  • Bid for the top search slot using keyword, budget controls and pay per click.
  • Select the keywords that matter to you.
  • Set a daily budget for additional control.

To set up your first campaign, head over to the Seller Hub Marketing tab. You can create a new campaign within the Advertising dashboard, by following these simple steps:

  1. Name your campaign.
  2. Choose dates and a daily budget.
  3. Name your Ad Group.
  4. Add your listings and keywords to the Ad Group.
  5. Select a maximum cost-per-click for the keywords - you’ll see this as “CPC bids” in the tool.

You’re then ready to review.

Top tips:

  • Use the features like suggested keywords and bids to help you set up effective campaigns.
  • Be sure to include high-quality listings in your campaign for the best chances of gaining high visibility. Alongside your bid, things like your keyword relevancy, listing quality, competition and daily budget determine whether your ad will appear in the number one position.
  • Use the daily budget feature to manage your ad spend.

You can also use both Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced together to help achieve maximum visibility for your ad placements across the eBay network, and utilise both budget approaches for your ad spend.

Next steps

From the end of this month, the Promoted Listings Advanced beta will be open to all eligible Promoted Listings sellers. If you are eligible, you’ll be able to opt-in to the Promoted Listings Advanced beta to start targeting that highly-coveted top spot in the search results, as soon as it has been made accessible.

All existing Promoted Listings campaigns will be renamed Promoted Listings Standard campaigns, without you having to do anything. The only changes are to the name and attribution logic.